A suggestion for Training Mode for USFIV

I believe you should be able to select and place move(s) for the character you’re training against. For instance, if I wanted Balrog to do a Dash LP, Dash Upper then Turn punch in perfect succession I’d quickly select the moves I want him to perform to simulate pro style timing in essence giving me the ability to train much more efficiently. Is this feasible or impractical? THANKS

Record + Playback already do that mate.
“joined about 2 hours ago” Sanford pls

-Pick your own stage
-longer record and playback
-ability to set your meter and ultra to 25% 50% and 75%
-when you restart it doesn’t say “READY? FIGHT!” every single time
-ability to save, load, and share record and playback recordings
-CPU learns through your inputs similar to super smash brother melee/brawl (the cpu occasionally mimics your inputs and sometimes tactics.

What i’d like for training mode is
-The ability to have visible hitboxes like skull girls.
-In game frame data
-Pick the stage

I’d like the ability to dick around in the Training Room while you wait for your turn in Endless if you so choose instead of spectating.

I think what christlike means is a way to just pick the moves in order from a list or something so he doesn’t have to train with a character he doesn’t play to get the timing down to record it and play it back.

Please Capcom,please please, I would be so hyped if this happens

Injustice has the best training mode of any fighting game I’ve played. I really hope that Capcom implements a lot of these features in USF4. The current training mode isn’t bad; it’s just that it could use a lot more features to make training easier/more fun.

Personally, I’d want these features (all stolen from Injustice)

  1. In-game frame data
  2. Ability to INSTANTLY restart a training session with one button
  3. Choose your position (p1 side, p2 side, left corner, right corner, etc) when you restart a session
  4. You can set the dummy to jump forward, jump backward, etc.
  5. You can set the dummy to do reversal wakeups without recording. You can easily cycle through specials/super/ultras and practice reacting to each.

I understand that there are workarounds for most of these in 2012, but these features would make training a lot more fun and practical.

I would like to train with both ultras without having to go to character select to change it

Then you haven’t played Skullgirls.

Or VF5 for that matter.

select any stage like SfxT. Visible hurt box and hit box toggle option

Would be nice if they’d put in a practice mode like in Skullgirls with displayable hit and hurtboxes.
I’d really love them to use GGPO for online matches though.
I mean I can live with having a subpar training mode but having shitty online matches drives me nuts.

It helps to mess around with a character you want to practice against. He should just record it himself.

An option to teleport your favorite player to your house that mains the same character as you, he or she can’t leave until you learn something new. Too much or no?

GGPO doesn’t instantly = good online play. There are games with better netcode than GGPO

a programmable training dummy would be a bit complicated to make , because its not just " do this move then HP then cancel with tatsu " , since its a frame by frame game you would need to literally program combos just like combo video maker do it frame by frame

its not impossible but i dont think they would integrate something this complicated , also you can already do it with other software or … with your own hands while recording

There are lots of things that would improve the game…

As a PC gamer I suggest:
-Chat in spectator mode.
-Chat in lobby.
-Find replays by name
-Replay filter
-Dedicated servers for MM and Endless
-Global chat servers (with custom channels)
-Option to show hitboxes (at least in training mode)
-Open the game to steamworkshop and let people mod stages and costumes (works awesome in dota).

Please list them.

King of fighters XIII.

Arc System games like BlazBlue have phenomenal netcode. I think Persona 4 Arena started off kinda shaky, but I haven’t heard of any major issues with it.

Apparently Soul Calibur 5 also has some pretty good code, but I haven’t experienced that personally.

(also please dont think I’m saying GGPO is bad, its not, but there are sometimes better options, and GGPO is not the end-all be-all of netcode)

I hope you’re talking about the Steam Edition. I’ve heard good things as they’ve gone through the beta for it.