A somewhat depthful question regarding magneto

ok, so i got the basic combos down (rom, j.inf, five fierce, basic resets, slide inf, s.hp cancel, etc)

but my question concerns more about damage

first of all, my game somewhat revolves around ROM when i have no meter or low meter (under 2), and five fierce when i have high meter. is that a good strat, or is there a more efficient way to cause damage to my opponent.? now, as for using his hyper combos, i mostly rely on unmashables and s.hk xx shockwave, BUT, i’ve seen hypers used at other times. how reliable is the old HGMT? now, i know a few unmashables using HGMT, but they are usually along the lines of using an assist like doom or storm that cause mutliple hits over a longer period of time. for an air combo ending in a hyper, would chp, sj, hp, addf, lk, lk, s.hk xx shock be more effective than tempest combos, whether mashable or not, or is it more situation varying? i know that tempest would probably be more effective especially if you need to DHC out, or if your second character is a lot better against the previous than magneto, (eg. DHC into sentinel if you’re fighting storm).

any kind of good response would be greatly appriciated


I’m not what you would call an expert, but here goes:

as far as the inflicting damage part goes, I undrstand where your coming from. I play Magneto also, and it seems like there’s only so many ways to damage w.out using meter. R.E.S.E.T. Resets seem to be an untapped power in Mag. Find a few you like, or even one may work, and lt it rip. I’ve come to like chp, sj, hp, addf, lk, lk, dash under + T. Bonne projectile. after you dash you can do all kinds of things to try and work people, like sometimes I just c.lp, other times I just c.lk,c.lk. Even more so, you could dash under them and call Tron, then Sj and dash db to get BACK in front of them, which is more confusing than what it worth IMO, but you get the point. Resets. Good ones at least. I think Mag has the fastest kill switch in the game other than a glitched Juggernaut.

as far as meter is concerned, I think it depends on the situation. Hell, the supers themselves depend on the situation. It’s kind of like a hit count vs. power thing. Really though, if you’re doing any combo and you’re past 12 hits, every one after is doing 1 pixel of damage, so you might as well go for the unmashable or Hyper Grav.Tempest to tack on 40 or so damage. For straight damage, there’s always 1 hit of the s.hk, Shockwave, or your conventional c.hp xx Shockwave.

I dont know too much about the DHC, because my Tempest almost always DHC’s into Hailstorm. Could someone clarify, but I would think that Shockwave would be just as good as tempest for DHC depending on the character you’re DHC’ing into. . . .

i wasn’t asking how to cause MORE damage, but how to cause damage effectively

yes, i know how to reset and whatnot, but what i was asking is this…

if i have no meter, i tend to build up meter with ROM. therefore, i can safely DHC out / snap out / etc. if needed be. shockwave combos are more effective than tempest combos anyways in my opinion, unless you’re planning on DCH’ing out

if i DO have meter, i tend to crossup with the five fierce combo… eg.
launch, sj, hp, addf, hp, hk, land, nj.adf+call psylocke…

launch, sj, hp, addf, hp, hk, land, sj, add hp whiff, tri jump… .etc shit like that…

i’m just asking if that’s effective, or should i worry more about ROM or meter building, etc.

most mag teams usually have storm as a second character. i would say use the meter. why not, storm can turtle and build meter easily, and mag isnt going to do anything with them. if you’re losing though, i might say build it with roming. because if you hit and super once, and time is low, you wont be able to deal good damage without it

depends on situations. if you’re dying but found an opening for rom and you’re confident in your performance of it, then i would much rather rom dhc hailstorm. leaves storm with another super or two and we know how annoying those hailstorms are.

if you’re not dying then don’t stick to one thing, vary it up with unmashables and 5 fierce, resets. magneto is all about randomness and unpredictability. also if your opponent has full life, most people are going to look for your reset because they know you’re trying to kill them asap. so if you’ve been performing the ROM then, vary it up and reset. if you’ve gotten them with a couple resets then rom that shit and DONT reset because it will leave the oponent knowing that sometimes you’ll go 40 hits to super and kill them opposed to knowing that you’re going for a reset out of rom

mag, true that… but basic rule of magneto… if the match isn’t over within 50 marvel seconds, you’re probably going to die anyways… magneto matches don’t usually end up in time outs.

thanks for the help from both of you guys though

Just reset all the way. Once mags touches you you die. It’s as simple as that. Once caught in ROM you can reset him in four places , same side high and low, and cross up high and low. Always remember even ROM, land, c.lk, c.lk is a reset(Best not done on scrubs though). The only way the other char. is going to block is if he gets lucky.

He first has to anticipate whether you’re going to cross him up or tj reset him, two of the most common resets. Even after that you’ve still got the option of going high or low on either side. Which makes things impossible to predict if you vary it enough. Even if somehow the guy blocks your reset(tj reset for example), you can tj again, and again and it still might catch him off guard. Resetting is a risk every good magneto has to take. But why not, the probability of your opponent blocking your reset is 1/4. Even less if you count the funny crossup tjs and throws(in corner or with assist like doom).

Basically this is how I view it. The faster you do your resets, the more of them you get in, the more your opponent gets confused. This aspect of mags offensive game really leaves teams just crumbling if he gets the hit in. That’s why usually reset straight after ROM setup, if not more than two reps if I’m unsure to keep them blocking in the direction I want them to. This is also because I usually fuck up ROM very often if I have to think of what reset I’m gonna do(yeah I stink).

But if by all means you’re confident of ROMing up to 40+ hits then getting in the unmashable dhced into hail to kill your opps. main char. then go ahead. With Sent-A the 5 Fierce w/ rocket punch is all you need. Against sent resetting is harder and riskier, because of super armour and the fact that the hit you get might be your only chance of winning the game. But you have the option of snapping him out or doing the nj infinite into hgxxmtX2 to kill him. The other incentive of course is that once sent is dead in the team the backbone is pretty much gone(santhrax, scrub, ssc, MSS…)

Also, it’s good to know the person you’re playing against. If he mashes then you know what resets not to do. If he jumps back then you know what kind of resets counter that. Different people have different habits and playstyles. That’s why is always good to mix things up every now and then. I generally tend not to do slide resets cuz majority of my opponents roll out on reaction.

Hope it helped in some way.

Well, you don’t have to ROM till you get 5 meter, ROMing till 3 is enough. Once you hit 3, then you have enough to DHC out, and have an extra to punish an assist immediately, if you get the opportunity. So yeah, ROM till 3, then start resetting to kill the character. It’s character specific, though. If you get a hit on a meterless Cable, I’d say to reset and kill him, rather than ROM your way to 3 meters and give him bar, too. On sentinel, I’d say to ROM till you can’t ROM anymore, it’s a lot easier to get a hit on a good Cable than it is to get a hit on a good Sentinel, so you might as well get guaranteed damage, rather than risk it on trying to reset his fat ass.

Hypergrav XX tempest still works. No one can mash out 100% of the time, and I’m willing to bet that most people won’t expect you to do it too often.

I know 2 ppl that can mash out of hypergrav XX tempest pretty consistently. There was only a few times that they didnt when it was in the corner.

stick depending i can mash out 100%… at chinatown, i can mash out 100%… at home, it’s a different story…

but i’ll take your advice… thanks