A Slice of Melee Supreme

A Slice of Melee Supreme

April 16th

University of Memphis
UC 261 (Senate Chambers)

Parking: $6 per car @
Deloach Parking Garage
(If you carpool with 2-3 ppl, parking is just $2 or $3 per person)

Phone number is you have any problems: (901)315-5661
If you have a setup, we’ll unload it for you since they don’t like you parking on the street.

Venue Fee: None, you have to pay parking anyways
Doubles: $10 per team ($5 per person)
Singles: $5

Payouts will be 60/30/10 x 75% of the pot.
25% will skimmed off the top for savings that will go towards hosting a national level tournament of our own.

MvC3 Rules
2/3 matches
3/5 Finals/Grand Finals
Double elimination
Default Timer
Random Stages
Loser can change teams between matches, winner cannot

so far I have two confirmed setups for this, if you can bring one let me know so i know what to expect.

Melee Rules

Items are set to off.
Stock and Time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes respectively.
Regular sets are best of 3 matches.
The Tournament Host is the arbiter of all disputes.
Blind Picks: the first character selection of a set must be without prior knowledge of the opponent's character selection for both players.
Modified Dave's Stupid Rule: No player can counter pick a stage he or she has previously won on unless agreed upon by both players.
Gentleman's clause: any stage may be played on so long as both players and the Tournament Host agree to it, including banned stages. This can be used in tandem with the Modified Dave's Stupid Rule (MDSR).
Timed out matches will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, replay that match. Any Sudden Death match is strictly not to be played.

Match Procedures:

Blind Picks character selection.
Stage Striking: Players eliminate stages from the Starter Stage List until only 1 remains, and the players then play the first match on that stage. Players strike stages in 1 2 2 1 order.
The first match is played.
Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage.
The losing player of preceding match picks stage for the next match.
The winning player of preceding match picks character.
The losing player picks character.
The next match is played.
Repeat 4-8 for all consecutive matches as necessary until the set is complete.



Dream Land: Fountain of Dreams
Past Stages: Dream Land
Special Stages: Final Destination
Special Stages: Battlefield
Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story


Kanto: Pokemon Stadium
Planet Zebes: Brinstar
Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise
Past Stages: Kongo Jungle



Wobbling will be allowed


Life steal is allowed
Set team attack to ON

Brawl Rules
-3 stock.
-8 minutes.
-Items are turned to off and none.
-Controllers with turbo, or any kind of software that will change the gameplay are PROHIBITED.
-All non-finals and semi-finals matches are best of three.
-Consolation finals matches (3rd and 5th place matches) are best of 5.
-Final Championship match is best of 7
-Controller ports are determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors if there is a dispute.
-If time runs out, the winner is determined by stock, and then by percent.
-All persons are responsible for their own control scheme and must make sure it is set before the match begins.
-Any action that prevents the game from continuing results in a forfeiture of the match for the offender.
-Meta Knight’s Infinite Dimensional Cape is banned.
-If a game ends with Bowser or Ganondorf using a Sacrificial KO (with Flying -Slam or Flame Choke respectively) and the game is tied, then any Sudden -Death is ignored and the game goes to a 1-stock, 3-minute overtime match.
-Stalling is banned. (Stalling is defined as any action that deliberately avoids all conflict as to make the game unplayable. Running from an opponent to get to a better position is not considered stalling, but using chain grabs infinitely against a wall (excessively beyond around 300%) or using Sonic’s Neutral B repeatedly underneath the stage is.)
-Both players choose their characters for the first game. A double blind pick may be requested by either player.

Match Procedures:
-The first stage of a match is selected randomly.
-The loser of the first game announces the stage that s/he will counter-pick.
-The winner of the previous game chooses his/her character.
-The loser of the previous game chooses his/her character.
-Repeat previous steps for successive matches.


-Final Destination
-Yoshi’s Island

-Delfino Plaza
-Frigate Orpheon
-Lylat Cruise
-Pokemon Stadium
-Pokemon Stadium 2
-Rainbow Cruise

-Everything else

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