A question from a Juri beginner

Hello juri players.

I started playing fighting games about a week ago (But have been following fighting games for 2 years) and i have always loved Juri, shes one of the reasons i wanted to play AE because i like the character so much…But maybe this was a bad idea? I understand that Juri by all means not “Beginner character” you need to understand her tools well to use her to her max potential. I have been playing her for a week and a can pull out some wins online but ofc i still suck compared to the many of the other players online. What i’m trying to get at is, was picking juri as a starter a bad choice? or maybe i just need to practice a bit more and learn her match ups, set ups, tools etc?

I play Juri more rush down rather then zoning (i think she should be played as a hybrid of both) but i find it hard to do much of anything with her, i just lose and lose.
But i believe this is due to my lack of time spent playing the game rather then the character. so should i tough it out and keep playing till i get better with juri or switch to a easier character and learn the game better that way then think about returning to juri? i like to stay loyal to one character rather then play a bunch so i want to be 100% sure that dropping Juri is a good idea before i do so or if i’m able to just tough it out and make improvements.

Any advice would be great or links to videos would also be appreciated


sorry if this is written bad i tried my best to get my point across

You can’t play Juri rushdown because she is not a rushdown character. She has burst offense and can be offensive but only for a short amount of time. If you rush someone down who actually knows Juri as a character then you will probably lose the round in 10 secs lol.

Theres already another thread like this: forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/189347/beginner-entry-level-juri-questions#latest

Personally I think she is a pretty good beginner character because she teaches you everything. Zoning, footsies, solid defense, making proper use of your tools etc. Due to all this she is also kinda hard to win with at early stages because you don’t have that experience just yet. If you like her character or gameplay then just stick to her. If you prefer another character then switch characters.

I see, then what do i do once my opponent gets past my zoning or has better zoning tools then me? (Ryu poison etc) I tried playing Ryu Ken and gouken yesterday but i find them to be boring characters and i only really have fun playing Juri so ill be loyal and stick to it i guess. Is there any other threads worth reading? or basic juri videos i can learn from?

And all the higher level Juri players i watch seem to be only rushing down, they never really set up any kind of zoning game at all?

What high level players are you watching ? Juicebox ?

You don’t let people past your zoning and I don’t think there is anyone else with a better zoning game. There are just 2 characters that can get around it a bit easier which are Bison and Honda.

If people get past your fireballs you can still antiair or play footsies with far.MP, cr.MK or sweep. Shes a footsie / zoner heavy character with sometimes offensive momentum. You need to know when to apply which tactics against which character / playstyle / opponent.

Repost #3 because I think it’s essential to understand how Juris fireballs work.


I consider Juri to be a zoning / rushdown hybrid type of character. As I already said she is a jack of all trades but a master of none. Most of the time you will find yourself trying to zone though and if the situation allows it you can try to be offensive like after forward or backthrows / senpusha / store knockdowns etc or if you have your opponent cornered.
Mastering her fireball is probably really important. Storing at the right ranges and reacting to your own fireballs.
Heres just a small example:

You stored a fireball and you threw it. It’s on screen and your opponent can do a few things.

  • blocking
  • neutraljump
  • backjump
  • forwardjump
  • focus dash forward
  • focus dash backward
  • using an invincible special

If hes blocking or neutral/backjumping it you can store another fireball on reaction. Which means you store the moment you see the blue blockthing appear. If he tries to jump into your store you’re able to antiair.
If he jumps forward you can easily antiair and cancel your antiair into a store and take notes of what hes doing upon landing. If he is backdashing or focus forwarddashing you can try to shoot ex fireballs after you antiaired him next time in order to blow it up. If he is close enough you can also dash under him and start your offense there (crossup cl.MP) etc.
Focus forward dash usually loses to store unless he spaced his dash right which can be pretty hard. This “flowchart” is of course characterspecific and you have to adapt all the time. Sometimes you need to use your fireball as an extended poke at close range and sometimes you need to go on offense which means you maybe have to burn 2 bars to keep the momentum going.
Against Balrog you can shoot fireballs and once he starts turnpunching through them you can react with Ultra 2. If Dudley tries to get through fireballs with his Duck move you can react to it with cr.MK xx Senpusha.
If you happen to antiair with j.MP you can cl.HP xx store or LK pinwheel you can safejump your opponent. Once your opponent hits the ground (the exact moment if not a few frames earlier, the timing is strict) you can safejump him and of course after safejump you can apply basic pressure with frametraps or instant overheads. Due to the constant adapting and the risks she has to take with stores sometimes and also her lack of an invincible antiair makes her fireballgame the one with the highest skill ceilig imo. Next to Sagat maybe. You can craft your own strategies against some characters and be kinda creative, at least midscreen.

Also: don’t jump, don’t use ex divekicks or divekicks unless you want to punish something on reaction (e.g. cr.MK xx hadoken or fullscreen fireballs). She also can’t rushdown too well. You have mostly 2 chances to frametrap your opponent. After that you can’t get in again without taking huge risks or you have to burn 2 bars to keep the momentum going.

Even if this all might sound indepth it still is just a broad explanation of her zoning in general with a few examples.
Almost every matchup has to be played differently and on top of that you also have to adjust to your opponents habits.
You have to adapt all the time. Depending on your opponents position, meter, tools and habits he has you might need to play footsies at certain ranges where you normally would throw fireballs and vice versa against others. The hardest skill to learn imo is to switch between both playstyles and figuring out when to use what tool to really get the most out of her, but it seems like it will be easier in USF4 due to her buffs.

I watch YOSSANN and weirdoneo, I’m playing online right now and i see what you mean about using her fireballs and footsies. i think i just need to improve my anti air game with c.mp. Is there anyone you would recommend watching?

Yossan, aiaitomo, Younashi, Miya (goodtime1 on xbl), Mizuki, Shin, Tsuna, Genkibot and basically anyone who has been lurking/contributing here for a while.

This could really just be discussed in the other thread. It helps keep things in one place.

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