A problem with my ps3

I’ve invited friends over and when they play remix, they say that it’s laggy, I know it’s not the tv because I have an hdtv and a regular square box tv, could it be my ps3 or the game, has anyone have this problem

i have to say, i always thought my ps3 version was off too, when playing offline. it could just be me. but i also know that ps2 games lag like a mofo using the ps3, even on an old sdtv. is there an option on the ps3 that I am unaware of? we need NKI, the mastah!

I’ve noticed this as well when I play offline on my friend’s PS3. I could swear there was some input lag or something.

i have noticed it on some tvs

on other hd tvs it runs fine, on sd tv it works fine

if u were good at another game, like tekken, you would know without a doubt if there was lag… so maybe try that game on the same tv

Yeah I notice huge outside of game too, as a PS3 owner. Anybody else? Like if I were to just go back on the menu, it would take a good 5secs for it to take me back.

Darn you 360ians and yer less buggy SFHD!!

I went to my cousin’s house yesterday night and played SFHD online and offline and noticed a lag.

No lag here and I have PS3 except at the multiplayer menu when Akuma is charging up his fireball.

actually nki was at my house last week, sayin that there was input lag on his stick and that it was not my tv, I don’t know what to do

Wow I might just uninstall the PS3 version at this point and exclusively stick to the 360 version.

If someone can confirm that the PS3 version has local input lag it cannot be used for EVO.

I wouldn’t be bothered if this game isn’t used at EVO at all…