A pointer in the right direction

Hi. I’ve played SFIV and SSFIV for fun for quite a long time. And then I got my hands on a Tournament Edition S fightstick and thought “What the hey, let’s do this thing”.
I would call myself a kinda bad player I guess. Due to my lack of starting combos in a fight I have become pretty good at blocking and teching tho.

The thing is. I try very hard, but I have noticed that Ibuki is not the smartest character to start learning to play with. So I was wondering if there is any good choice of character to use when learning chain combos, linking, and cancels? Because I long for making a good long combo on a douce that just pumps out uppercuts in every single corner.


Jeez, just about every character can be played with limited knowledge…but I’d say Seth would be your best bet, that guy has a little bit of everything. For a charge character I’d say Guile or Chun Li.

Ryu or Balrog

you just gotta play who you like

this is a “pick my character” thread in disguise

any character that interests you.

Kelter you sound salty, and I think I know why.

Anyways, in the immortal words of Foger “Pick Balrog like the rest of your kin, scum”.

Oh hey, Ryu too

Hey OP, the more you like a character, the less damage there is when you get frustrated… so play who you really like, forget about tiers those