A place for custom made sticks

I remember seeing a thread on this board linking to some guys homesite where he takes orders for custom made sticks.

He actually had quite nice sticks too.
Anyone know what site I’m talking about?
If not, do you know any other sites where I can order custom made sticks?

If anyone would care to make me one, I’d pay easily 120$ for a nice one.
I was about to get the SE Street fighter Arcade stick today, but I’ve read some bad reviews.

Could anyone change my mind again about getting the Madcatz?
Would I regret or enjoy?

You could buy the SE and swap out the stick and buttons. Apparently it is quite easy to do.

But that sounds like an expensive solution!
If I go for the SE; do I have to bare in mind that I will eventually have to order the sanwa parts later?
If this is the case - Why buy the SE at all, if you are obliged to pay another 15+25 dollars for it later.

Is the custom parts really a nessecity for the SE to be appropriate? Or is it a good stick all in by itself?

Well I don’t know from experience but from what I’ve heard, the stock SE parts might be all right for a while but buttons start to stick and the stick gets loose.

What I’m saying is that you’re willing to spend $120 on a custom stick. The thing is, from what I’ve seen, you are going to be hard pressed to find a custom at that price. If you spend $70 on an SE and say another $50 on sanwa parts, you’re at $120. I mean that’s just my 2 cents but other people might have some better advise for you.

I think swapping the buttons for the SE is pretty much needed. I had one for two weeks and after that one of the buttons was only registering button presses half of the time and the whole stick just felt like it was falling apart.

Luckily for me I was able to get a refund and am now making my own.

I’ve heard like 6 people say the stick just falls apart so far.
Is this a common issue, or just bad luck for those 6 people?

I saw one review where the buyer was very happy with the stick, but he had only had it for a day.

I think you’re looking for Kaytrim perhaps:

He’s doing a pretty complicated project stick for me right now and I must say it’s coming out amazing and he’s a very accomodating builder!

man i will check him out.

Please do! He’s good people.

PS: L is dead. So sad… He was my favorite, too.

$120 might be a little low for a nice one. I wouldn’t build one for somebody at that price. I couldn’t sell my cousin a ps3 stick for $120, I had to charge him $150 and that is me not getting anything for my week of labor. I don’t know if Kaytrim sells completed sticks at that price, they are usually in the $300 range.

Usually a unpainted DIY case goes for $60, and a Cthulhu PCB is $25 for a unassembled kit and $45 for an assembled one.

Then $40-70 for stick parts depending on what you get.

At $70 for a case and a pcb is about in line with a decent custom.

If you want a custom, you are unlikely to save money. If you SE works great and doesn’t break then it is great. If a button eventually fails, then replace the parts. In the end it is cheaper than getting a TE.

Check in the trading forum, there are plenty of stick builders taking custom orders. But as many have already said, you’d be hard pressed to get a custom stick for $120. There are also people selling their used sticks which may be another option.

Your cheapest solution is the SE w/ swapped parts. The reviews you read about it falling apart are probably stock SEs.

The TE however is full sanwa out of the box, I have one and can vouch for the quality. It’s however impossible to find one now, and if you do it’s price is probably gouged well over it’s retailed price of $150.