A new Wyoming thread

Basically I found a great venue for a tourney in my community and I wanted to see who would be interested. (It would be for Marvel) Please post if you’re a player in Wyoming or even Montana.

Which part of Wyoming? I’m in Gillette, northeastern corner. It’s a pretty big state.

I’m in cheyenne can host ultra and marvel as well as 3s and HDR

Highly suggest wyoming players check out the Rocky Mountain Frame Trap Society on Facebook…small community but we do what we can.

There are 5 or 6 of us in casper

I did that lol the page was dead for awhile…As a matter of fact I’m the last post there I think. Lol.

Checked out the Facebook page as well, pretty inactive. From the Hanna area, currently do play Skullgirls (more then likely won’t go full time) will be going full time into USFIV and UMVC3 (both PS3) once I get my TV.

Hey guys if you don’t mind can you Google “CVGL petition” and sign it? I’m trying to open a gaming/lan/arcade here in cheyenne with noble intentions.

I will defiantly sign it :slight_smile: be really good to have an arcade in Wyoming.

Thanks man!

I think we should build a community here in cheyenne, there have to be more than 2 people who enjoy fighting games around here right?

I know we can get some of the guys from greeley, ft. Collins and loveland and denver up here for tournaments, and the closer ones for casuals.

I have a set up including stream and projector. .looking for venues now.

I figure I might as well represent. I’m in Laramie for a few more years, so if something gets set up, let me know. Kind of a long shot anyway since the last post was half a year ago.


I’m from Casper, and I make my way back about once a month. If there is still some semblance of a community, we should meet up for some games.

@"Neko X"‌

How is the CVGL shaping up? Do you know if there is a decent scene in Denver or Ft. Collins?

Relevant Game Bit:

I’ve played more Skullgirls than anything though I don’t dig the team bit.

I’m getting into Xrd more each day and that is likely going to be my main.

I really enjoyed P4AU, but haven’t really touched it since Xrd. I’m keeping my ear to the ground on 2.0 though.

Really interested in BB, but it seems like Xrd all but killed that scene.

In any case, I’ll pick up whatever is played locally just to play.

I just checked this on a whim lol

Sup qspec! Actually CVGL is shaping up ok im working with the Ft. Collins scene at the moment search facebook for NCF Northern colorado fighters.

We play all kinds of game i personally play usf4, xrd, ST and 3S.

Awesome! I just got accepted to the FB group. I hadn’t heard of the upcoming con in time to register to get my ass kicked in a tournament which is a bummer, but I’m stoked there is stuff happening.

Thanks for touching base. It is a lonely existence being an FG’er in Wyoming, eh?

Anyway, Xrd will probably be my main. I’ll see if I can’t find some SG players around for casuals too (I’m getting rusty).