A new student looking for a Teacher

Am new to Yang and i really want to learn the playong role . i want the bacis and the combos but we all know that everybody has a busy life i just want to learn who will teach me

i can teach u some stuff even though my av clearly shows that i am a ken user.

but which yang super are you willing to use?
KOfiend knows more about yang then anyone i my opinion so ask him if u see him.

Well i really use the SA1 i do the Zenpou Tenshin and when i land on my feet i do my SA1 i think it’s cool it looks like i hit them from the back but what is your friends e-mail? so he can help me

Hiyo. New user, long time reader though lol. Not a super uber Yang player but he’s my favorite and I know how to use him :slight_smile:

IMO Yang’s SA2 is the best bet having 2 super bars for EX moves. It’s pretty versatile using the SA too as far as linking it in combos but it’s a fairly small damaging SA compared to the damage possibilities of the other two. I’m torn between SA1 and SA3. For SA3, you just have to have a good sequence to make it beneficial. But at least it’s a short bar so if you don’t get any damage in you have a chance to refill and work your magic again. SA1 hits strong and looks cool (though I like rolling on the ground lol) but it’s like a hit or miss thing. Probably like small pokings and some mk footsie can catch someone off guard and you can pop that baby in.

But as far as usefulness, I’d go SA2, SA3, and then SA1 as some has stated here.

Learn your crossup dive kicks boy, and go read “Yang Everything” and post there. Look around before ya post son! “Yang Everything” has well, EVERYTHING there is to know about him.

SA2 is good, but SA1 isn’t horrible either.

SA2 for EX-Slashes that when they connect can take of around as much damage as a Command Throw XX SA1.

You can cancel his chain palm into a SA2 as well…

But enough talk, go post in the “Yang Everything” thread, and let it be your teacher.

new? hmm…i ll try and give universal advice since it isn t directed at a character.

get all the basic shit down first…
*combos, every single one thats known
*start memorizing the speed/range of the divekicks
*start memorizing the speed/range of the slashes
*start memorizing the speed/range of the pokes into slashes, hit confirming them will come naturally.

*most players have a “stringy” attack pattern where their in advantage(pressure), memorize which moves and how much gap of time you get to pop something in there(if you can t parry well), do this for the “popular” characters and work your way to the least picked(since your likely to play against chun, ken and yun at tournies). also, your not likely to beat a top player using yang anytime soon, so doing this for mid tier might be more important depending on how you wanna look at it).

*this goes without saying(its universal and you should know it) but, whiff > parry isn t the only thing you have to look out with yang, since the nigga takes hits like a bitch, watch out for these and direct contact(block/hit, but a gap is there cause no combo came about it) > parry.

*its not hard to see if your getting smart or not from the whiff > parry situations, surprise them with a straight slash if you see them duck, this position(the one watching the sprite for a move) is reserved for the player initiating it, this can devastate mentally if your both running out of steam, hopefully you can do something if they re not familiar with the situation(which shouldn t be hard for them since your likely to use one of the stronger/longer ranged slashes, so they have a good second or 2 to replan in their head). EX in this situation stains in their head…“be careful”.

*for your benefit, if your running out of steam, think back to what was established in the rounds(if you were getting beat down, then this is useless), think “if i were in his shoes, what would i not wanna deal with the most?(can t parry/predict easily)”. yang has good mix ups, use them.

*your not likely to remember but, you have a lil ken “down parry situation” too, this is basic but who cares…
kenA down parries kenB’s crouching attack, kenB supers
A. kenA paused to see if a super was coming out anyway.
B. kenA thinks its free damage and attempted to punish, eating the super.
C. kenB cancels without looking.
D. kenB sees a move and supers
E. kenA hopes kenB isn t dumb enough to cancel(depending on whats established).
F. etc. etc.

*double air kick comes in handy(so does a deep single one after you established some divekick threats, “this is the line you have to work at”). its been a trend for a while to go into command as a mix up(as opposed to whatever ground combo). if you ve done it one too many times, got a undesirable landing angle or sense they re trying to back up too much(unnatural from wanting to block), mix in a down before crouching mk, this way if they were attempting to poke their way out of the supposed command, you parry, if they didn t, you go on. a suggestion is to do the responding move from your parry late(if they have meter), cause a super could be lurking, or “backing up” UOH(hit confirm into lk if the range is right), or mp, hp, back + hp, etc. etc… theres couple basic parry traps like this, but don t resort to “blowing wind” kind of parry traps where it totally depends on their reaction(unless you have the meter/plans to back it up). anyway, you get the point, theres many uses for the jump attack.

*universally, most yangs stay just outside of sweep distance, this can “spaz” someone badly if your mix ups are tight, its also your safest distance. theres very few close range yangs and the ones that do exist, live in the mountains eating deer and tree bark.

*blocked dive kick into neutral jump > parry situation isn t as effective as before, most responding players are getting around to know, its the fear of another divekick that keeps them from attacking(whether they wanna ground or air), keep an eye out to hk/mk/lk/mp/hp if you see an opening(and of course, being ready to parry). being divekick happy against the wrong opponent will get you bruised so judge well.

hmm…strayed from what really needed to be said, i m stoned… i ll get more specific with moves and situations another time, i m sleepy, nappy time.

btw- i posted a vid in the “VS ken” thread.

My advice is to learn the basics comboes, learn yangs strenghts, and look up character weaknesses… So far, I’m still using divekicks as a wakeup(Not bad if timed right, but could allow shoto players to pick you out of the sky with a shoryuken!)…

Anyway, It’s off to to the seiei enbu combos… and improving my game! I hope I didn’t repeat what anyone just said.

im learning yang, and i need a tutor as well.

i know his basics, his different mixups and most effecient, im not a noob to 3s, im just looking for in depth tactics and maybe character specifics. i read a bunch of the earlier threads, and for a higher tier i would think yang has more depth than just mixups and ex slashes…and if he doesnt i’d like to learn those to its fullest from a yang god :tup:

Well I would be willing to train you if I had some more time. Sorry. I have to keep training myself anyway. Anyway, its not all EX Mantis Slashes. Good luck.

Yang is all EX slashes.

Stop posting.

Obviously someone doesn’t know Yang very well.


Of course he is.

If that’s what you think, then I am not going to try to tell you otherwise. If I do, it will probably benefit you in improving your overall SFIII:3S skills.

I’m sure nothing a troll such as yourself could say would benefit me in any way.

And Yang is still all EX slashes. :wonder:

Well, it seems that you are just determined to keep your pride and win the argument that Yang is ‘all EX slashes’, so I am not going to fuel your desperation anymore by saying otherwise.

So in the end, I win. :party:

Well, it seems that you are just determined to keep your pride and win the argument , so I am not going to bother with you anymore.


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