A new MvC2 video in the making finally~!

I have stopped making vids for awhile now but finally be releasing again.

will be good and something new and the feel will be good too!

will post updates here as the progress goes :lovin:

Looking forward to it.

Dope shit…

Hell, when you made that CvS2 trick tips video for Eagle, I picked him up that day. Great stuff. :tup:

can’t wait =)

Good man I was wondering when you will come back to the vids scene!

hehe it’s nice to hear the good stuff. A trailer should be made within a week or 2 :lovin:

can’t wait!!!


you’re bomb diggity brian. Hurry up. I need some new resets.

oh shit


Some tricks of the trade for new characters would be the greatest thing in MvC2 low tier vids. We had Magnetro’s guides, Shin Chan’s Chun Li, and now the king will be back.

We at MKK had a project with Team Spooky guys. I dont know if they are up to it too. It was a tricks of the trade like stuff for TMNT TF.

We did release 2 chapters of it but it would be cool if someone with more expertise in video editing and shit did it. it lacked a bit of content but as the title said “basic combo+strategy guides”…

here is the link to both of them:



Thx to NEBULOSO for uploading them in its youtube profile!

oahu was my street fighter roots. I lived in mililani and we had a arcade next to some food store and a gym that had everything and I remember pearl ridge having multiple machines @ one point. Before I left, there was like 2-3 alpha 3 machines and 4-5 xvsf machines.

where does everyone play @ now?

Mainly at Hawaiian Brians or at peoples houses. :lovin:

I’ve never really heard of you (bad, I know) but I still will enjoy watching this once it’s out.

WTF…?! You’re alive???

Dude…where the fuck have you been?!!

(My way of saying, “Yo, it’s been a long time. How you been?” :razz:)

  • Geronimo

Giggity… Giggity…

Just got another brand new Cap card and such so these will come out good.

Also would you folks be interested in a 3 DVD set for volumes 1 - 3

will be made very proffesionally also as well.


you know where to get that trailer hosted :wink:

Good luck with your new video series! :lovin: