A new Mokoto combo?

Actually its an semi-new combo that i figured out. I have a problem with the 100% stun combo, every time i dash to the mp-fukiage the character always seems to juggle in the wrong direction, so i’m not able to finish with the sp-fukiage. ( i know others have had this same problem) So i got tired of failing and came up with a solution. It only works if you have 1 and a third super meter. Right when u do dash mp-fukiage and the character keeps juggling forward finish with an ex-fukiage. It works and it also stuns.

I would like others to try it, and tell me what u think. I know its kinda lazy but its a good combo for people who have problems with the full combo.

this combo doesn’t do 100% stun

might stun akuma/remy =/

You dont need that, just jump fierce after the fukiage and they will be stunned