A new, modern kaiju fighting game

How cool would it be if they made one today? What kind of monsters, mythological beasts, environments could they add?

Well, there’s power in licensing actual giant monsters, rather than just making up a bunch just for the game.

That survival / horror game City Shrouded in Shadow uses many live action and anime giant monsters and robots (really hope it gets a western release).

The other question is what sort of game would you want it to be? 2D fighter (like those Super Famicom JPN-only Godzilla fighters)? Wrestling (like SNK’s King of Monsters)? Or 3D brawler (like the GCN and Wii Godzilla titles)?

As long as it’s better than that Pacific Rim game. And for the record, Pacific Rim was an awesome movie. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Shrouded in Shadow looks interesting. I’d give it a try.

I was thinking of a kaiju game that’s 3D but on 2D gameplay. Similar to KOFXIV and each monster having their own set of specials. I think it would work good.

I had this game on PS2. It remember it being really fun. Sucks it never took off

That actually does look fun. Maybe if they remade that today in a fully open world with missions and such. And there would be so many monsters to choose from.

I want my kaiju fighter now! I want it to be as fast as SF and KOF. There could be so many unique monsters to choose from.

It has to be a brawler (Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters/Save The Earth) to work, otherwise you lose the “kaiju-ness” of a Kaiju fighting game. King of the Monsters also recognized this and why it was both a good fighter as well as beat-em up. You HAVE to let players destroy buildings, use weird powers and blasts on each other and basically terrorize the world as they try to kill each other. Thats what makes these types of games fun. If its just a 2D fighter, it may as well be Darkstalkers or KI. While those 2 franchises are awesome, 1 on 1 like that feels far more limited than a giant monster game should be. Hell, a Robot Alchemic Drive style game with a 2 player online fighting mode would also be both hilarious and AMAZING.

Where were you when this game needed crowd funding OP?

I would like it to be a brawler. I just wouldn’t want it to fail like some of the other kaiju style games. Maybe if they added scenerios where you not only have the environment to interact with but can also use military and police forces to your advantage.

Yeah unfortunately I missed out on the funding for this game.