A new Chicago thread 2018 edition

Hello to anyone who read this, My name is George and some of you from the Chicago area may know who I am. Particularly if you was in gaming scene prior to 2008. Well I am back. I did some soul searching for 10 years of my life. made peace with myself and was restored in full. Kinda like superman in needing yellow sunlight when he was down. I don’t have a facebook page nor will I ever get one. So I am Posting this here. And as i was originator of the whole introduce yourself thing to help better know what they are dealing with. This is me

Games I play:

area I’m from: southside chicago but is willing to travel.

If anyone is interested, or if you’re an old head that knew me. Post up and we can meet up to play

You did make a facebook lol. Glad to have you back

yea, but i still would like to keep this alive just in case someone new comes along.