A new character: any recommendations?

So as the title says, I’m looking into using a new character to use that I can be feel confident enough to use in ranked matches, but I don’t exactly know who I should check out. Does anybody have a good idea of who I should look into?

P.S. I’m already using Balrog, Abel and Cammy.

If you want a character you feel confident enough to use in Ranked matches…shouldn’t you be confident enough to pick that character on your own?

Are you talking about confidence on how to do a move or confidence on how to play the game?

Cody, Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Seth, Akuma, E. Ryu, Oni, Yun, Yang and if you can bear using charge Gen where a tad more interesting to use.

Try focus attacks, made the game a tad more interesting cept Viper can’t use not like I use Viper though.

How about if you want suggestions, check this out…

Someone just arbitrarily throwing a character name at you isn’t going to make the character click with you anymore than if you choose it yourself.

Use C.Viper. Spend the next month doing nothing but training mode. Once you get all her stuff down it’s smooth sailing to 10k BP :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow the only person that actually answered my question without insulting me. Isn’t that interesting? Thanks man. But to answer your question I was asking for a character that i could look at and practice enough to confidently play him/her in ranked matches. Hmm, Cody, Juri and Yang huh? I’ll try them out.

They have a point though. You have 36 other characters to choose from. “enough practice”, how much is enough? practice bnbs and then head out to ranked and expect results?

"I was asking for a character that i could look at and practice enough to confidently play him/her in ranked matches."
This seems more like a problem only YOU can attend to, don’t see why you’re asking us for a character to play. I mean, can’t you just look at the char. select pick a character blindly and boot up some SRK/YT tutorial and see if that character clicks with you?

At OP:

  1. I’m not usually a prick on threads. But I’d learn more about the game before trying to answer threads on the Newbie Saikyo Dojo. I know you’re trying to be helpful, but when you don’t have a great understanding of things yourself, bad or mediocre advice isn’t helping other new players. Can you keep this in mind, before offering advice, please? Making a thread like this shows how little you have exposed yourself to.

  2. I can’t read your mind. Neither can anyone else who posts here. Play around with the character in training mode. Play around their trials. Watch some competitive play with the character. Now decide whether you fancy playing with them. No one can tell you what a good character to main / try. That’s part of the discovery in the game. If you’re worried about ranked points (which you should not), then play some endless with decent players who you should have on your friends list.

I know that no one can help me know the way that I like to play. Only I can figure that out. I’m just asking people who they
think is a good character to try out to see if their play style is something that I could get to like. No need ot be a jerk about it. But since people are saying that I’m being too shallow in what I’m asking I’ll add more description to it.

I’m looking for a new character to play as that has pretty simple combos and a learning curve that isn’t too steep and with about a 10-20 minute training session a day can be learned to be played well in about a month’s time. Does that help?

Have you tried Zangief? His biggest weakness is that he’s got a couple really bad matchups. Fights against Akuma, Sagat, and some Dhalsims/Seths are rough. He doesn’t have any overly long combos, the range and dmg on his lp.SPD is awesome now, and there is something incredibly satisfying about winning with his U1. Learn a couple shenanigans, develop a fast 360 input, and poke with his st.mp. A good AA for him is holding a crouch and inputting PPP pretty late, its a great tool to use to trade when you have the life lead. Cr.mp can also be used as an AA, but the timing is tricky.

Its also satisfying to show the neophyte Yuns what happens when you drop combos with a rushdown character… SPD or U1.

Edit: At least in ranked matches people usually can’t come back with a counter pick for an immediate rematch. So, when you win you know you won’t automatically be facing Sagat or Akuma next time. :slight_smile:

See? It’s just that simple. Thanks man. I appreciate it.

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