A message from "I am Canadian" to "Fatherbrain"

your finished the next time i see you on Kaillera

ehh? is this an e-threat?

Wait a second… I remember playing this guy. He lives down the street from me (literally) :rofl:

ehh? no…this an e-promise

I am Canadian

Now them’s fightin’ words

Way to rep canada, you fucking faggot

This has nothing to do with Canada it’s just personal.

no one disrespects me like he did and gets away with it

I can wait to beat you up in Street Fighter



… right…

I am Canadian

…i just wished he would have handled my situation a bit better other than mocking me

thats all…other then that we cool…

Looks like someone got raped.

Try not sucking.

I played him and he’s a nice guy, he probably just raped you with Gief and you got all pissy. And stop repping Canada, you suck. Canadians are GOOD at baiting and insults. You fail at it, therfore, you must have talked shit, got raped, and cried like a bitch. Way to go.

Ha Ha Ha…I may be a noob…but i do not suck…

I’m assuming i have not played you in turbo before.

I “HAVE” played Brain a few times back…“he” can tell you the outcome…nonetheless…

This situation had nothing to do with SF, but everything to do with him mocking me on SRK for a mistake i have made…

So the only thing i can do to hurt him is to beat him up with ken :slight_smile: lol.

But other than that, I have to admit “your right” he was a nice guy i had not other problems with him.

geeze…if you’re gonna call a guy out, at LEAST have the decency to spell my name properly. NO CAPS!!!


Yea, by sporting “I am Canadian” (With Bold, Underline, and Italic for emphasis) nearly every posts, and having that name pretty much means you’re repping Canada

…yeah your right…

…but “THIS” situation has nothing to do with Canada…you jag off.

WTF is a “jag off”

How the hell could you not know what jag off means? :confused:

aparently you


at least NoAffinity has sense in his head