A loop perhaps?

I found something rather interesting in training room, dunno if this was said but you can do this in the corner:
S jcc 623M S jcc 623M S
I believe we can go farther than only this but for some reason the 623M after the second S just won’t come out. I think that the inputs get reversed or something, can anyone help me try this out? Oh and I did this on Ghost Rider, not sure if it changes anything much.

EDIT: I’ve been able to get more reps on the loop, but now I know that it will only workon certain chars like Ghost rider, sometimes does work on Ryu and doesn’t work at all on Wolverine, I’ll try out on more characters later.

The timing of this loop is very strict, If it’s not an infinite then I guess it’s worthless seeing how the damage scales really quickly.

What is a good team with Hawkeye as a last character

I am new but have been reading enough that I feel I have a good grasp on who goes where and with whom. Personally from what ive watched, read and played, Hawkeye is a very poor Anchor (Point/Mid/Anchor). He is a strong zoner with some rushdown capability but overall his damage, with or without combos is pretty low and his X-Factor bonus’s are just so-so. He is best served as a point character, try to keep them zoned with mixing in with assists.