A hypothetical tournament situation

Just an open question to the community on a whole, both out of curiosity and something I may be putting together in the future.

Say there was a tournament going on in a major city where there was a big cash prize and was fully catered, but they wanted you to wear a bio-medical device that monitors your life signals (heart rate, skin moisture, posture, breathing rate, etc). You could move around the area where the tournament was being held freely, but you wouldn’t be able to leave until the whole thing was over.

  • Would you be okay with wearing the device?
  • Would you be okay giving the tournament sponsors/hosts the ability to do whatever they wanted with the data collected as long as it was kept out of the public eye?
  • What kind of cash prize would make it inciting to attend?
  • Would the fact that you couldn’t leave before it was over be a major factor?
  • If it was 18+, would you still be interested in attending? What if it was 21+

I’m just trying to garner opinion before I speak with a few people I work with. Some of my superiors want to do…something…with video games and I think a fight club may be just what they’re looking for. But at the same time, I want to see if the community would be down for something like this at all. Some people find being monitored while doing anything to be a little invasive.

Thanks in advance for your input.

If you guys want to do a Saw type thing, just get some crack heads.

What in the name of science!

#1 Yes
#2 Yes (wouldn’t care if it is shared, just keep medical history private)
#3 I would be happy with free food, but depends on the calibur of the competition and game genre
#4 How long is a piece of string, how long will the tournament run for, 3hrs, 9hrs, 48hrs???
#5 What’s the point of +21, are you going to serve alcohol or have lapdances during a scientific study?

You would probably be better off posting this in the Fighting Game Discussion area.

I don’t predict any one tournament taking over 4 hours, but yeah, something along those lines. But that could be variable because we wouldn’t necessarily only be doing fighting games. We could do PC shooters, RTS, Racing games, etc etc. Right now I’m just sort of seeing how people might take to the process.

And 21+ is an option because my company doesn’t general like running tests on, “children”. However the idea of “children” is generally people under 14 and we use college students all the time.

But yeah, maybe reposting this in the fighting game area would be a better idea.

Only if it involves plowing your mom…

Assist bonus +1