A humble request for help

Ne0phyte’s mom, Dr. Paula Schuman, died very recently at her home in Iowa. She was very close to Ne0phyte, her sisters, and me. She was an intelligent and intellectual person who did a great deal of good for people in Detroit and everywhere she lived and worked.

Her specialization was HIV/AIDS, and she spent 30 years of her life working with mainly poor black people suffering from the disease and its complications (TB, Hepatitis) and was 100% dedicated to the cause. She sacrificed a lot for her work and traveled internationally doing research with money funded by her own painstakingly written grants. She planned to retire, probably at age 100, in Africa and run a free HIV clinic in one of her most traveled countries there–Uganda, Zambia, or South Africa.

Paula adopted two Ugandan children in her lifetime, promising to sponsor them throughout their college careers. Cathy is one of the two, who is in her final semester of public health graduate school, and her daughters are left trying to cover the $5000 in tuition owed by next month. So far, they have only received $175 in donations, and are asking any and all people who are interested in supporting this young woman and furthering Paula’s tireless work to contribute anything they can to help lessen the financial burdens now imposed on her daughters.

Ne0phyte and I sincerely appreciate any help you guys can give us. We know that donations have been taken for Dasrik (RIP), and that many people have already supported the Haitian people during the quake, so we would be very humbled by whatever anyone has left to contribute. Ne0phyte’s father is Haitian, giving her immediate family two huge tragedies in two days. The family has been through a great deal of stress these past couple weeks and would appreciate even just kind words. Thanks for reading, and you can send me a PM or a visitor message if you have any additional questions.

(We’ve been having trouble with the donation button; donations can also be sent directly to Cathy’s Paypal account at cathy_cnn@yahoo.com. It’s being worked on.)

Dr. Paula C. Schuman
7/23/48 - 1/10/10
^ Google her for countless results. She was a rock star in the infectious disease world.

If I wasn’t so broke, I would help right now. I’ll see what I have on my next pay check…
Is there any way to take donations without paypal?

My condolences.

I’ll send something over the weekend. Just took care of some bills. Gosh such a long way to go.

Give me another week so i can get my paycheck and i will happily donate. Books just kicked my ass this semester. But define exactly what day you mean when you say “due next month.”

Donated what I can guys. Hope the rest of the campaign bears fruit. Where else are you posting this?


Thanks guys. Haven’t posted it anywhere else except Facebook; I’m not really good at networking or whatever so we came here as a last ditch effort (hough we did mail donation info with thank you cards from the funeral guestbook). All my friends of course naturally told me “If you need anything, please ask!”, but not one of them has donated so far and it’s pretty disappointing. We haven’t finished paying the funeral off or moved my mom’s stuff out of her house and her tuition is due really soon. Every dollar sent is a dollar less that we have to pay while still scrambling.

Thanks OC. I know you went through a similar thing a few years ago and we can definitely empathize with one another.

Well, if more donations don’t come in, we could just open up this thread to “I miss my dead loved one.” I really miss my mom. She was literally my hero :frowning:

Wow that’s really sad to hear. My condolonces. I will try to send something through Paypal in a couple of days.