A Horrible... horrible request

OK, so I might even get banned for this… who knows.

I figure this is the only place I could hope to get this done.

Here’s the deal:

My GF has a class she takes on Saturdays. She blew off this class the other week to go to Miami. In her infinite wisdom, when the professor grilled her about her weekend, she said she had to go to a funeral for her great aunt.

Now, the lady wants proof.

So, SRK, if anyone could come up with a funeral program for an old lady in Miami, FL (black or Puerto Rican would work), I’d really appreciate it.

This is not a joke.

If anyone is willing to help, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

LMAO…wow. Did she try to use her ticket stubs??

Yeah, that didn’t work.

She took a weekend trip to Miami. The ticket stub was never gonna be enough.

Maybe try something like this …


Good luck.

This thread owns.


Greatest Image Request EVER

holy freaking god.


I’m with him :smiley:

I’d give you a hand but have no clue what those look like… and wouldn’t there have to be names and dates on it etc. that you’d have to provide us with?

Wow Hav, this is pretty fucking low.:rofl:

LOL. I’d make a fake death certificate copy, but… that’s probably illegal.

Name makes no difference. Date of the funeral would have been October 6.

If someone could help, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Kev- I know… I know.