A-groove Rog

What’s rog’s best cc?
It seems like fierce,fierce,dash punch works but his strongest is repeatedly switching between dash punch and dash uppercut,right? post back his max damage cc plz!!!

Simply put, the ones he has, and the ones you’ll be using most likely are:

(Ground situation)

Activate, s.fierce, fierce dash punch, [rh dash upper]xN xx Crazy Buffalo

(Anti Air starter)

Start with any Dash Upper that connects as an anti air, activate, rh dash uppers till the corner, then do j.jab xN, land, Crazy Buffalo

sorry fella I’m just strarting with a groove and my cc’s are hella basic and nasty looking:bluu:

you just asked for the max damage CCs

those are basically it, and they arent hard

I love Balrog on A-groove…his custom combos are so easy! The one I do…and it always does decent damage, is just:
activate, roundhouse a few times, and then do dashing uppercut (I use light kick version of dash uppercut) until meter is almost out, then super move.

The cc i use to hit short characters is : activate, c.hk, s.hk, mk dash upper until corner, s.fp xx, punch super

here’s the video-opera A-groove guide, enjoy!

  • BALROG -

As an A-Groove character, Balrog has gone through a few different phases. At first he was very good, then he was considered somewhat average, and now he’s not exactly super good, but he’s exceptionally suited to take out certain characters. Opponents that can’t crouch his HP(f) and his Rush Punches have a difficulty time getting in. Overall, Balrog is still an effective character due to his damage, and his solid ground-based and anti-air customs.


anti-air cb,f+K, CC… (anywhere)
(note: depending on where the cb,f+K hits the opponent out of the air, different follow-ups are possible. midscreen, the usually follow-up is CC, HP -> b,f+HK etc. in corner, you can do pretty much whatever)

c.HK, CC, c.LP… (anywhere)
(note: this starter is much easier to use when the c.HK is meaty. the typical follow-up is c.LP -> b,f+LP -> b,f+HK to juggle the opponent. from there, follow-up with the appropriate juggle)

Super Finishers:

Crazy Buffalo: cb,f,b,f+P
2240, 3-hits, vs ground (deep)
1600, 2-hits, vs air (shallow)


The Wiggler (anywhere)

CC, [HK© -> b,f+HK]x4 -> b,f+LKx18 -> cb,f,b,f+P

9160 (tested vs A-Guile)
29-hits, +0 stun

This is the least static custom in the game. The reason it’s called “The Wiggler” is because once you get to the b,f+LKxN portion of the custom, you can just mash b,f,b,f,b,f on the stick while mashing on LK. Sometimes you’ll get a b,f+LK, sometimes you’ll get a LK. While you can actually do an exact version of this custom, there’s no real point. You run a smaller risk of missing any hits while doing “The Wiggler”. When your meter runs low, keep up the b,f,b,f mashing and start hitting LP. The super should come out every time. As a final note, this combo will not work on crouching characters who can normally crouch the b,f+LK. Ghetto!

B&B Launch Combo (mid-screen)

CC, c.MK-c.HK-c.HP -> cb,f+HKx2, cb,f+HKx2, HP©-LP, [j.LPx5 (land)]x2, cb,f,b,f+P

7788 (tested vs A-Guile)
22-hits, +0 stun

Against characters that can duck Balrog’s rush straight and rush uppers, you have to change your combo options. The easiest way is to simply launch the opponent into the air and juggle them to the corner. So, activate, c.MK-c.HK-c.HP -> b,f+HKx2 is the starter. Make sure you cancel into the b,f+HK as fast as possible or the opponent will fall through (as a note, you can use b,f+MK if you aren’t fast enough, but it’s less damage). As soon as the b,f+HK connects, cancel into another one so it looks like two uppers back to back. Let the opponent fall a bit, then b,f+HKx2 again. The opponent will now be in the corner. Hit them with HP©-LP, then jump LPx5 (land), jump LPx5 (land) to get the hit count up. When you land the second time, wait a spit second for the opponent to fall, then bust out the super. Make sure it’s as deep as possible to get the 3-hit super.

Variation: Launch Combo Heavy (mid-screen)

CC, HK©-c.HK -> b,f+HKx4, HK©x2-LP, j.LPx5 (land), cb,f,b,f+P

8316 (tested vs A-Guile)
22-hits, +0 stun

This is a slight variation on the combo above. There are two main differences. First, the combo starts with the HK©. This is actually faster than c.MK, but it doesn’t hit low. Secondly, there is no c.HP after the c.HK. This combo goes straight into the HK Rush Upper from the sweep. From here, follow with another b,f+HK, then for the next part, do two back to back. This will ultimately save you time on the custom meter and get you to the corner slightly faster. Now take a step forward if needed and do HK©x2-LP. Now jump towards the corner and mash out LPx5 When you land, wait a split second and do the super. You want the 3-hit version to get the max damage. Buff combo!

Rush Upper Anti-Air B&B (3/4 screen)

anti-air b,f+HK, CC, HP -> b,f+HK -> b,f+HK, HK©x2, HK©x2-LP, [j.LPx5 (land)]x2, cb,f,b,f+P

8644 (tested vs A-Guile)
22-hits, +0 stun

Knock the opponent out of the air with the Rush Upper (b,f+HK). Actually, any strength Rush Upper will work. Activate CC, and stand HP -> b,f+HK. You may need to take a slight step forward to get the HP to connect. Do one more b,f+HK and you’ll be in the corner. Take a slight step forward and do two HK© quickly, back to back. Let the opponent fall a bit, then two more HK© with a LP on the end. Now jump towards the corner and mash out LPx5, land, and do it again. When you land the second time, wait a split second and do the super. You want the 3-hit version to get the max damage.

Deep Anti-Air (3/4 screen)

CC, HK© -> b,f+HKx4, HK©x2, HK©-LP, j.LPx5 (land), cb,f,b,f+P

8112 (tested vs A-Guile)
19-hits, +0 stun

This is an interesting anti-air because it can be done when the opponent is very close and very low to the ground. The object is to activate CC and hit the opponent with stand HK©, then quickly cancel into b,f+HK. If you do it fast enough, the two hits will combo and knock the opponent down. From here, casually juggle the opponent to the corner with 3 more timed b,f+HKs. Take a slight step forward and do two HK© quickly, back to back. Let the opponent fall a bit, then HK© with a LP on the end. Now jump towards the corner and mash out LPx5. When you land, wait a split second and do the super. You want the 3-hit version to get the max damage.

Chip & Partial Crush (anywhere)

CC, c.MK -> cb,d/f+HPx20-c.MP,c.MP

2400 (120x20) (tested vs A-Yun)
60% guard crush
0-hits, +0 stun

Decent way to chip off a bit of health if you miss your custom. Make sure you don’t do it too fast and accidentally get the cb,f,b,f+P super. You can actually get a few more cb,d/f+HP’s in there but 20 is about average. Cancel the final cb,d/f+HP with a c.MP, then add one more c.MP on outside of the custom. Though it’s not roll-proof, most people will block until Balrog stops attacking.

Tricks & Notes:

After both of Balrogs throws, you can use his hop dash to get to the other side. As with any character that can hop over a downed opponent, you can use this technique to mixup your tricks and try for an unblocked hit. To get to the other side after a HK throw, simple hop over. Pretty simple. If you activate before the throw, or if you manage to throw your opponent during a blocked custom, you can jump over and try for a quick hit into custom for some extra damage. To hop over after a HP throw, you need to take a short step forward after throwing, then hop towards twice quickly. As long as you walk forward just a bit, you’ll make it to the other side.

You can also use the hop trick after a c.HK. What is special about the c.HK is that you have enough time to hop over, then hop back. Depending on how far away the c.HK connects, the first hop might not make it over… so make sure you connect it somewhat close if you are going to attempt to do the double hop. You can actually c.HK knockdown, activate CC, hop over and try to attack there. Or, c.HK, activate, hop over, hop back etc. If you really want to get tricky, you can even try to c.HK, hop over, activate, hop back.