A-Groove Hibiki

hibiki in A-groove is really good. the custom i use is really simple and easy…

[cr fp x3, qcb+lp] xN, (when the meter is almost out), cr hk, super

i just can’t get the qcb hp custom to work. my main question is what is her juggling CC? like once i get a counter/roundhouse throw, what should i juggle with from midscreen and in the corner?


PS- if you want to know some of the other really good A-groove stuff, search for the old hibiki thread, it’s got the ways to reset the hit count, the “unblockable” trick, and other good stuff.

yea, so i guess nobody plays A-hibiki:bluu:

all i want is the corner juggle combo off her hp throw/counter, and midscreen custom off her counter. help me out please:cool:

no one hardly post on this forums bleh but ill help you out.

i think it goes like this: have to be near corner after the command counter you do Two QCB+P then you just do repeated jumping MP then super.

Activate -> throw -> qcf+wp -> [qcb+mp]xn


okay, i’ve wanted to figure this out for a long time. i’ve read how you can use her far slash as a way to reset button mashers. how do you do this?

do you start switching sides then instead of switching randomly do a far slash and then try to continue it from there? but how would you even continue the combo after a far slash, because wouldn’t that make the opponent too far away to continue the combo?

if anybody could help me with this one, i’d really appreciate it, because most of my reset attempts get stuffed by a mashed jab:bluu:

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otherwise just post the info here.

thanks a lot

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Does anyone have a combo so I can combo into the cc? I just started playing Hibiki in A groove, but I need to figure out a way to combo into the cc rather than activate and go from there.

You can activate off her counter…But that’s about it.

Oh yea popoblo I feel your tteam…Rolento and Eagle rule man. That was a team of mine at one point (Hibiki/Rolento/Eagle-“Team Weapon”) when I used to go to CTF and tournies and stuff. Keep that stuff up man. I have no clue how to use A-Cammy though lol.

lol, i’ve changed my teams about a million times since i got that avatar. eagle just doesn’t cut it for me, not too many chances to land his CC like rolento. and i only played cammy R2 cuz she is/was top tier and isn’t CC dependent.

now i play something like A-chun li (excellent battery) or sakura or athena/rolento or geese or hibiki (reset that shit)/blanka or bison R2. basically my team is whoever i feel like playing. since comp in cincy is weak, i don’t rep at many tournies, that’s why i get most of my good comp from xbox live (i’m ordering my MAS tomorrow, which will be nice). but i am going to the huge tourney up in cleveland in late june and then a week later i’m gonna go to Midwest Championships. hopefully i won’t get worked too hard:lol:

Hibiki CC:

CC, [close s.HK xx qcb+HP] x 4, [d.LP x 4, d.HP xx qcb+LP] x 2, d.HP xx super

s.HK’s into crossup slashes until you get to 8 hits, then rapid fire jabs into d.HP xx running slash to keep you moving forward. After any s.HK you can stick in an dp+overhead to reset etc… The close s.HK hits low. Is this her most damaging ground CC? I hear BAS (the real one, not that dude from NY) is going to start using A-Hibiki soon.

You can even throw and THEN activate (which is obviously more damaging).

These throws are with roundhouse, btw, for everyone’s information.

Ive seen something like MP running slash XX Dodge into back hk to hop and do the low jump but it glitches out so you can hit the oppenent from cancelling early on the running slash. How is this done?

with great difficulty:D

for real, that shit is ridiculously hard to do. i think you have to cancel the running slash AS SOON AS she crosses over the opponent, but the timing is amazingly tight.

the difficulty of her AA is really pissing me off…sigh
what is her AA off her counter? is it just repeated j.fierces after the counter?

do you mean her CC off of her counter?

here’s the one off the counter just for your own info…

counter, (activate CC), standing mp (or lp slice, i can’t remember) slice, then running mp slices until the corner, then once you get to the corner do standing hp, then whiff a crouching lk, and do jumping hp’s or mp’s until the meter runs out, and do her little rushing super (qcb, hcf + P?)

For AA, if you’re a little out of the corner when you do it, just do AA activation and start with qct+strong, then do qcb+jab all the way to the corner (should be 3 or 4 depending how close you were to the corner). Once in the corner, launch with s.fierce or s.strong (from further out of the corner) and mash on j.strong or jab for hit count. If you are all the way in the corner when you start the AA combo, you may find yourself dropping the opponent, which is why the combo on the site has you alternate between standing and running slashes.

Off her counter, you have several options. If you are near the corner, you can do j.fierces as you say (jump first and then activate). From outside of the corner, you can do j.fierce-j.forward, then sj.fierces. Or you can do qct+strong-qcb+strong, and then qcb+strong/jab all the way to the corner. For ease but way less damage you can opt to do only j.strongs to the corner after the jump activation.