A good deal for stickbuilders in the los angeles/orange county/riverside area

Hi I bought a stick from “arcade in a box” and am not happy w/the perfect 360 stick.

So Im looking for someone local that switch the 360 out and put in my competition stick that I also own from another box.

I’ll bring the stick to you and you can do it right there and then.

For your 20 min. time you get:

  1. a free almost new perfect 360 stick(used for about 2 days).

  2. a solid wood arcade stick(made for the xbox) similar in quality to “arcade in a box” minus the competition stick which you took out for me.

  3. AND $30 cash.

PM me if your interested.

Again this only applies if you live in the s. california area since I dont want to ship the thing.

Just curious why you didn’t like the P360?

I’m guessing it’s the new batch of P360’s. Diagonals not hitting quite right?

This is a good deal btw, I’d do it but I’m nowhere near your area. (I’m in an igloo in Canada)

  1. I dont like the stiff spring.

  2. yeah diagnonals not quite right. Sometimes when I think im crouch blocking I get fireballed in the face. Could be just me tho Im so used to the competition where it “tells” you exactly where diagonal is instead of a perfect circle.

You must be using an Ultimate then. The competition joystick is also a perfect circle, but with switches. What you can do is replace the spring with a lighter one. One small thing can save you money and you’d have a second joystick. =)

Maybe… whatever it is I just prefer it over the p360.

Nah I dont want to bother replacing the spring.

Is there no one in southern California who can solder this thing on for me? :amazed:

I can do it in like 3-4 weeks after finals are over. If you can find anyone else to do it before then, give the job/items to them. Otherwise, feel free to pm me then.

use Quick Disconnects from rat shack. no need for solder.

This is really, really easy to do. But if you’re really not into doing it yourself, I live in Long Beach and would be able to do it for you.

Yeah I know. But I dont have a solder and dont trust myself.

I’ve even checked and made sure the bolt sizes are the same for both stick.

All thats got to be done is remove the p360, unsolder and remove the competition, bolt on the competition, and make 4 solders of the directional wire and ground.

Thats why this is a good deal im offering since the box + p360 Im giving away is worth over $100 imo. :wgrin:

Anyways I’ve send you a PM.