A German in SoCal, which arcade is a must to get a glimpse at the SF4 scene?


I am travelling to California (Vegas, SanFran, LA) within the next two weeks. As a German SSF4 addict I am of course interested to get a glimpse at the local scene in LA. At least my girl-friend granted me one day to take the opportunity :tup:

I will be in LA from 17th to 20th of August. Not sure on which exact day I will have the chance to visit one maybe two arcades. So which location would you advise as a must?

Is it allowed to take photos of and in the arcade?

I really appreciate any feedback/tips.

Thank you very much

For those of you interested in the German SF4 scene, the community is prospering. The scene is quite depending on online play, but there are some well established SF4 offline tourney series:

  • Cinemasters by the Neutrons
  • Fight Club NRW by Padau
  • Office Clash by Dash
  • FFM-Rumble by Banker KingAlo, don_tknow and myself (October 02, 2010; Click for Tournament Calendar)

The German scene organizes itself mainly via the site www.hardegde.org.

So if you are there by any chance take the opportunity.


Vegas isn’t actually California.

But when you’re in LA definitely check out Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights and Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills.

As Booya said Arcade Infinity and Family Fun Arcade are both great arcades in Los Angeles. I know AI lets anyone film whatever they want there and I’m sure FFA probably does the same.

If you’re just looking into the Street Fighter scene specifically, and not just the arcade scene, I strongly suggest you go to Level-Up Series Wednesday Night Fights at Hollywood Park Casino. You can see some of the best fighters in the Country there training in Super Street Fighter IV. You’ll also find several others training in Tekken, TvC, BB:CS, and HDR. See details in the thread for WNF.

Take one day and go to AI or Denjin. Then go to Dreamlab. Then spread the rest of you vacation in Vegas getting drunk and partying with hookers. In fact just go to Vegas first and you’ll forget about SSF4 pretty quickly… or slowly depending on your alcohol tolerance.

guten tag! ja, dürfen sie die bilder im inneren statt. ich würde vorschlagen arcade infinity! hoffen, sie bald sehen. benieben sie kalifornische!

p.s: entschuldigen sie mein deutsch haha it’s been awhile.

^^ This.

Thank you very much for all these tips.

I was at Denjin Arcade and at the Fight Night at Hollywood Park Casino. Special thanks to John Nelson who gave me a tour and introduced me to some players :tup:

Unfortunately I did not make it to Arcade Infinity due to time limitations, hopefully next time…

Report (in German) and and some photos can be found here…
SF4 & Arcade Impressions aus California - General Fighting Game Discussion - Hardedge - Fighting with style

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