A few quik Stick Questions


Question 1: What kind/brand of stock push buttons and stick does the Injustice fight stick comes whit? I really like the stock push buttons that comes whit it but two of them stopped working properly and I would like to replace them.

Question 2: What is the “name” of the button layout on the Injustice fight stick? I also really like it…

Question 3: Would it be, is it possible to replace and mod the Sanwa stick from a MadCatz TE for a HAPP competition stick?

Question 4: Same question as number 3 but whit the MadCatz Killer Instinct fight stick for XBOX1…can we replace the JLF and put a HAPP stick inside?

Thank You!

Answer 1: Parts are Quanba made Sanwa knock-offs.

Answer 2: The button layout is “Noir”

Answer 3: Anything is possible for Tech Talkers. Check this threads for the deets: Return of Justice. Darksakul's Injustice Mod worklog

Answer 4: I really don’t think that there is enough clearance inside for Happ but I’m not positive. Someone else may have more insight. I certainly haven’t seen it done.

#1: The Injustice Fight Stick comes stock with what I believe are Qanba manufactured parts (someone correct me if I am wrong). While you cannot purchase Qanba parts, you can buy Sanwa parts and they’ll fit right in perfectly since as iNENDOi said, they’re Sanwa knock-offs.

#2: While there’s no specific name for the stick/button layout on the Injustice stick, it’s closest to the Sega Astro City Singe Player layout found on the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2, 3, and EX.

#3: It’s possible, but you’ll have to do a lot of work to get the Happ Competition to fit. I know there have been people who have done it, but it certainly isn’t easy and will involve heavy dremelling.

#4: iNENDOi said it best. It doesn’t look like there’s enough clearance and nobody’s really tried to do it yet, so there isn’t much of a precedence.

Well, maybe Sanwa buttons would fit into the Injustice fight stick but the stock push buttons that comes whit it does not feel like the Sanwa push buttons from my Iori SCV fight stick, I like the Injustice stock buttons way better… but that’s just me… is there a place where I could get and buy push button whit the exact same feel? I don’t care if they are Qanba or not but like I said, the Sanwas on my SCV stick does not feel the same at all…

You can put the Quanba switches into Sanwa buttons.

2 of the stock switches dsnt work properly now, plus the plastic texture is not the same as well, I really love how it feels when I slide my fingers on them compared to Sanwas…

Well…I don’t know what to tell you. LoL.

tell me where to buy Qanba buttons! ^^

They aren’t sold individually at retail. You can only ask around and hope that someone still has them after replacing theirs with better buttons.

is it possible that the stock buttons on my Injustice stick dosnt feel the same as the Sanwas on my IORI SCV stick because the Sanwa buttons on the IORI are OBSF Sanwa buttons and not OBSC ? is there any difference whit OBSF and OBSC when it comes to plastic texture?

The short answer is yes. The belief of many is that OBSC buttons are acrylic. Acrylic is more brittle and OBSC buttons are certainly no exception. People have reported that OBSC buttons sometimes squeak when pushed from the edges just like the Qanba buttons on the Injustice stick do. This is because of the type of plastic used and, to a lesser extent, the construction of the button. I haven’t owned any sticks with Qanba buttons but I would think that it is perfectly possible that the difference in feel could very well be caused by the plastics used. @Darksakul - Do you know how these transparent Qanba buttons feel compared to OBSC when they have the same switches installed?

I didn’t like the Qanba buttons that came with the PDP Injustice stick.
As Default Qanba. They aren’t as bad as some of the older Hori knock off buttons but they still feel mushy. They lack that satisfying crispness that Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons have.
They can be improved with Sanwa sw-68 switches. Once the switches swapped over the Qanba buttons feel better, but its not quite there. Sorta like modding some Seimitsu buttons with Sanwa switches, they feel off.
The modded Qanba feels like they are 90% instead of 100% .

The TE to be modded with a Happ joystick, yes its possible and I seen it done. You have to mod both the TE top panel (or replace the panel) and mod the Happ joystick to have a shorter shaft, which changes the feel of the Happ stick. Some people in addition to the above also drill out a circle on the bottom panel under the Joystick.