A Few Questions on Creating a Case

Tried the [SEARCH] thingy and it really sucks, so pardon the redundancy in these questions.

  1. I know it’s preference, but is a 12L x 9W x 6H case a good size? If not what are some common dimensions?
  2. Is drilling holes through aluminum easier than wood?
  3. What do you use to drill holes into wood/aluminum?

Thanks in Advance.

*Hopefully the answers to these questions can help me get started on my way to creating a fully custom stick.

  1. 6" is really tall. I’d say 2" is good for jap parts, 3" for american.

  2. It isn’t easier, but it isn’t difficult.

  3. Get a Hole saw. 30mm is perfect for jap buttons, 1 1/8" is good for american. (i use this one for jap parts, just have to do some filing)

6inches is super high. true ballers have angled cases, 2.5" in the back and 2" in the front is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Ah Ok…Thanks a bunch gentlemen.

Now time to find a good looking Gun Case to convert it to a Joystick Case.

12x9 is a good size. print out a button layout from slagcoin (actual size) that you like to get a feel for how big you want the top to be.

hahaha gun case looks like we were thinking the same thing heres a few pics of mine

i kno the button spacing is off but i had a bigger hole saw so i didnt really use a template instead i just drilled the holes haha.

All in all its not too bad for my first attempt at a stick it works really well despite the spacing and my execution with vega is now on point :woot: i actually have added some artwork to cover the whole middle i just dont have pics of it yet

If You don’t have hole saws, you could also use forstner bits :smiley:

search doesn’t suck

you need to learn to use it correctly


For the american buttons (i guess the happs/iLs) - 1-1/8 is good holes to use both for the joystick holes and buttons holes or just the button holes?

for the american button holes, if you have to recess holes for the home or start/select buttons on the top, if the 1-1/8 holes is good for the ‘through-holes’, what about the bigger holes for the actual recession holes to hold the button washers?

24mm = 15/16
28.5mm = 1-1/8

You should dremel the 1-1/8 ones until they’re 30mm. For the bottom panel you can drill bigger holes for them, but you only need 34 or 35mm so you can use the dremel. What I use is a spiral saw which is crazy fast in doing this.