A Few Noobtastic Questions


I wasn’t sure where to ask, so though I’d ask here where to ask so i don’t go posting things in the wrong places!

Which part of the forum do I want to go to to ask if someone can spend some time on skype playing SF4AE2012 on steam helping me with some basics? For what its worth I’m playing Akuma and Juri (Undecided who will be my main). But I’m looking for more basics - especially blocking! (which is why I didn’t just go to character specific forum)

Secondly, with combos (hopefully I get the terminology and notation right here) when going from a link to a chain, for example the start of Akumas basic combo: c.LK, c.LP -> c.MP, is the timing from the c.LP to the c.MP the same for all chains? So If I learn the timing for that combo (which goes on to light tatsu to c.HK) will it be similar to the timing for other combos with other characters? Or do you have to learn the timing seperately for every character you pick up?

Thanks in Advance!


Yeah add me on steam, my skype is the same name too.

head to the akuma sub forum

had a chat with @YorKey last night on steam, he’s generously offered to give me some pointers, hopefully the fact we’ll be connecting over the Atlantic won’t be too much of an issue, probably should’ve mentioned that I’m in the UK xD

Had a connection test with @YorKeY, but unfortunately the distance was too much, and the lag was terrible so we couldn’t really do it =(

I’ll post in the Akuma sub-forum as well. but I’m still looking for a tutor for the fundamentals (including blocking and combo timing) preferably in the UK (possibly mainland Europe)_so that the connection is quick enough.

You are getting the terms link and chain mixed up, and you can practice combos in training room

I’m aware I can practice in the training room, my question was is the timing similar between characters? If I learn to do LK, LK, MP, Tatsu with Akuma, can I then go to Juri and do LK, LK, MP, Pinwheel? (assuming both combos actually work etc) or would the timing for the button presses be different? It is the timing for the combos that I am currently struggling with, the two LK’s come out fine but the MP is nearly always blocked. So I appreciate I just need to spend the time in the training room to figure out the timing, but once I get the timing down on my button presses, does it remain similar between characters after that?

Not all links have the same timing, no.

You should watch this video which explains chains, cancels and links:


You should watch all of VesperArcades SF4 videos tbh.

I’ve been working my way through the Vesper Arcade Tutorials, hadn’t got to the combo ones yet though.

Thanks for answering the question though! Once you figure out the timing for one character is it at least easier to then figure it out for other characters?

I would say yes. For example, the first time I tried a character’s trials it was really difficult. Now I can rip through around 16-18 trials before they start giving me trouble, regardless of whether I’ve used the character before.

Ah cool, hopefully it will all start falling into place soon then =)

Just remember when linking that if the move is blocked, your input was too late, if the move doesn’t come out the input was too early. Then just keep trying it over and over and adjust the timing until you hit it consistently.

look for videos on plinking too - that will help a ton with tighter links.

check out LordofUltima’s akuma vids…they work wonders

Cheers for the tips guys! Hoping I get home tonight from dinner with the in-laws at an early enough time to put some time in and get this timing down!

Also (I’ll edit the OP to reflect this) Juri is a very serious contender for my time now, my two characters are very likely to be Akuma and Juri, still undecided which will be my main though. I’ve been an Akuma player forever and love the character, but I’ve been having a crazy amount of fun with Juri and have had some success online with her as well.

Sent you an invite but steam says you’re offline since 2 days.

I went straight from work to a friends last night, so didn’t turn my PC on yesterday =p
but we’re talking now, hopefully can arrange something soon =)