A few joystick modding questions

A few questions, please bear in mind I’m new to all of this.

First of all, I’ve read on here that a Seimitsu LS-32-01 will do a straight swap with the Sanwa stick that’s already in the Mad Catz TE Stick. That’s correct, yes?

However, will the joystick cable which connects the joystick to the PCB be compatible with the Seimitsu LS-32-01?

I ask because I’m looking at buying a second stick which somebody built their self. It comes with Sanwa stick and buttons and this joystick cable: http://www.gremlinsolutions.co.uk/products/sanwa-jlf-h.htm

That product description only mentions JLF-TP joysticks in its list of compatibility, so I’m assuming I would need to buy a separate cable to get a Seimitsu LS-32-01 working in this stick. Could somebody confirm this?

Help would be much appreciated.

I’ve read that the TE wiring harness works with the LS-32-01, but that it needs to be connected upside down. I don’t have a TE though so you should wait for someone who’s actually done the swap to confirm.

I’ve switched the stick in my SE with an LS-32, the wiring harness is compatible with the LS-32.

Is the second stick you’re buying a custom? If so, the reason for the compatibility may be due to the mounting plate area. If it’s routed for a flat JLF plate, it may not fit a Seimitsu mounting plate.

Yep, I dropped in a LS-32-01 into my TE a couple weeks back. You’ll need to rotate the PCB on the stick if you want the connector pins to be oriented in the same place as the JLF’s and flip the wiring harness connector upside down, just like if you were putting it into an SE.


The wiring harnesses for JLFs and LS-32-01s are interchangeable… As drunkninja said, your concern should be on whether a Seimitsu mounting plate would fit in the case.

Thanks for the help so far, that link is especially helpful ExMachina.

I think I’m gonna leave the custom stick since I’m a complete amateur when it comes to this and there are just too many things that could go wrong and leave me regretting the purchase.

I’m gonna buy an SE stick and mod that with Seimitsu parts by following that tutorial.

A couple of final things to ask though. In general (I know it comes down to personal preference), with a Seimitsu stick primarily used for shmups, would an octagonal gate be better than the stock square gate that comes with the SE stick?

If so, would the: LS32-Main Guide Round - 100 be a good choice and would it be very simple to screw in place?
http://www.akihabarashop.jp/index.php?cPath=108&osCsid=f22e741cf0636ab6d0a2cb2c99da7b02 - it’s a little over halfway down the page.

Sorry for asking such basic questions but I just don’t want to waste money on things I can’t use.

Can anyone tell me what kind of gate this is, and does it come included with the LS-32-01 no matter where you buy it from?

Square gate. It comes included from Gamingnow.net, and Lizardlick judging from that photo. The dark blue piece is unnecessary for regular 8-way square gate play.