A Dudley Discussion - IRC channel?

Use this to connect to the server and chat: http://webchat.quakenet.org/
[*]Enter your nickname on “Nicknames” and for “Channels” put #AEDudley and then click “Join chat.”
It’s not complicated, if you need help just let me know on there. Everyone is open to join and discuss. Chat can be Dudley free, too. I guess have fun? Kappa

http://xat.com/Dudley_Vs Xat for YouTube and Stream purposes.

Can’t say I’ll always be there, but if it’s a way to get instant tips, I’m all for it. Would prefer if it was a Steam chat channel, though.

you don’t have to be there all the time, just go on when you need help or if you want to join discussions, basically dudley stuff. idk what steam chat is, but pretty sure you need an acc. for steam to even start off, iono.

It’s a good idea.

I am noob to IRC and don’t pay attention to any chat windows.

Count me in, I can always use more insight as quickly as possible.

I’ll update first first in a few minutes with all the program info, it’s nothing mind blowing, everything is simple.

i wanna be mod

First post updated as an EDIT. Let me know if you guys need help getting on or anything, I’m free for now.

not really against the idea, it could work out. but as expiratio pointed out i think a steam group might be better for this sort of thing. it seems like you used irc for quite some time, then you would probably know by now how hard it is to get someone to use irc like it’s some rocket science.

not to mention that registering your nick via e-mail (explaining to them how to auto-perform certain tasks on join, commands, etc), switching servers, joining channels, potential circlejerk like every irc channels out there, inactivity because no one uses irc anymore (>2011) besides people who download anime/music via xdcc. and different kinds of irc programs might conflict with people’s OS. to put it short most people these days have to be catered to use something, like facebook/twitter.

and for those who’ll use mibbit as an alternative, they’re homos.

so yeah steam lets you set events, announcements, it’s non invasive, discreet, and actually pops up notification and sound when you get message’d etc. idk go for it but i think steam is a better alternative, it’s clean and simple.

really? o_o

brb gonna check out steam chat, I have an acc. already but didn’t know about this.

da hell, steam has no “group” chat like irc, it’s all 1v1 convo’s like psn / xbl / aim. I want it so everybody can engage in the conversation or something… SwiftRage

yes it does, create the group first (just a test group with different name for your first try), then in the list of actions on your community group profile there’s a “enter chat room” or go to your friendlist, there’ll be a group tab next to it, click it then there’ll be join group chat option as well.

This sounds like a good idea. We have a facebook group for the Chun forums and it’s working well. IRC group or whatever should be fine, especially for discussing ideas without the delay of forums.

snap, k i made a test group fffffffffff and it looks good. bout to create the real group and update first post, thanks reewind, first meaningful post evar.


I’m doing this to unify the Dudley forums and to drop all this hate non sense or “i hate this guy ffffffff” bs. I want everybody to get better so we can all go to tourneys dammit. Chat is also Dudley free, it’s just the place for us dud players to ask for help and discuss, etc.

ok, so I’ve talked to a few people about this and they said they don’t want mIRC or steam because it’s too difficult. They did suggest xat, where I just NOW found you can watch streams and watch youtube videos while in chat without opening another window which is good for the dud boards. What do you guys think?

xat best
we can watch streams, youtube videos at same time.
get avatars like srk
erryone wins

Go ahead and make the group then, Mellow.

Mellowshould be main owner cuz I would troll the Fab 6 darkyellowrenxeastloganandithink3s

I’ll make it when i get out of classes today. i got banned yesterday by mr crotch teck here, so all is good. Karma is here. just waiting on others ideas.

been using irc since 2002, its still very much used for fps communities mostly. but yeah it seems like another language to someone new :frowning: