A curious buff for Seth

We obviously have the thread for what we’d like patched in the arcade release. But lets say we kept his health as is. But what about if we changed the Stun to Rufus/Akuma level. That way we’d get the glass cannon effect, but not completely fucked if we eat 1/2 combos.

Along with:
Fix J.HP
Fix people failling out of U2
Fix people not juggling from Srk xx Super

I just want his damn teleport back to the way it was in vanilla Fighter 4.

Fuck this and give me Vanilla Seth, I don’t care if you take his U2 away even.

And please for the love of god, FIX HIS GLITCHES.

Off topic, but who exactly was the guy who said “Hey, maybe Seth can bend over backwards and shoot a tornado out of his stomach”?

Nah he’s broken as he is.

nah just messing. Just fix the stupid glitches.

The glitches MUST be fixed, Ultra 1 not doing any damage in the stomach? C’mon! All these known glitches should have been fixed for Super! Any other buffs would be a bonus. I would cry tears of joy if the divekick was restored to vanilla version. Oh and another thing… none of these buffs in exchange for nerfs! No nerfs! Only Buffs! Yeah, or leave the character alone before you ruin him even more.

I like how they kept arcade boss seth the same, but nerfed the hell of playable seth. He even has the fast teleport and the dive kick.

In SF4, these two seemed just a small part of seth game, but now that they are gone, I feel like I am playing a weaker Dhalsim.

What’s worse is that they removed all the glitches which were useful, and kept the bad ones, while adding more, such as U2 fail juggle system.


Seth was one of the most unique characters ever, why ruin him :frowning: .

It makes me wonder did people REALLY complain about playable Seth that much? Or was this Capcom’s idea of a joke? I’m not really sure what to think about it.

I wonder this as well. Not many people played as Seth or Gouken so why were they nerfed at all. If anything they should of stayed the same as super would benefit them if they stayed as they were. Maybe capcom still thought they were overpowered as many of us thought when they came to consoles at first. You’d think as boss characters like Akuma they would at least be high mid tier/low top tier.

Well this is why I don’t get it. Akuma was nerfed, but that’s because everyone complained he was OP. Same with Gief. Gouken i NEVER heard any complaints about so his nerfs make 0 sense. Playable Seth also had no issues from what i know other than unblockable ultras which were all fixed by not allowing multiple fireballs on screen from the same character at once. I can understand nerfing his J.HP but everything else is stupid

I can understand the “no ultra + Fireball in screen”, it was kinda cheesy versus Zangief and the others with no good answer for it, and Jumping stretchy arms nerf was (somehow) reasonable, considering that I was expecting his glitches (EX tandem in corner, no damage ultra 1, SRK xx super fail) to be fixed.

But the dive kick nerf and teleport nerf… =*(, and glitches not fixed? Seth and Sagat really got the nerf stick, and I just hope its not from the constant “OMG SETH CHEAP NERF HIM NAW” cries of seth haters…

Anyway all we can do is just get used to this for now, and hope they patch his glitches out.

Yeah, they ruined Seth :frowning: There’s still people who boo hoo about Seth, I just wish they could behold the former glory of the Tanden Engine

I don’t play him but I never heard any broken stuff about Seth except the generic unblock-able ultra stuff that got fixed. If anything all the talk i heard was about him needing a buff. His fireball game is garbo, no health or stun, keep away game is way to easy to break, and he requires having to be inside where his health/stun does him no justice. I wonder what Capcom was thinking when they decided to start handing out random nerfs. I play Akuma so I know some of the nerfs are reasonable but for some characters it’s like they are pulling some April fools stuff.

His keep away is gdlk idk what you’re saying.

Nobody can keep away from my air fireballs and op shoryu

How did seths dive kick get nerfed?

Go to Vanilla and do his dive kick
Go to Super and do his dive kick

One is slow as shit

Yeah Here Is a Good Example…of Rape In Vanilla


On-line to-ny!

the more i read from u dudes the more im happy to be playing seth in vanilla