A couple of things that most people did not know about Chris in vanilla MVC3

I’ve have decide to just go ahead and make a thread about a couple of the stuff that most people missed with Chris back in the original MVC3. I know a lot of people have said that Chis had the potential to be good back in Vanilla MVC3, but it just didn’t happen. But in UMVC3, that will hopefully change for the better.

But anyways, lets get down to business and what this thread was about shall we.  So, here goes:

• Prone position is cancellable.
Yes, that is right. Prone was dash cancellable and his normals could immediatly cancel out of them. From far away from opponents you could easily cancel prone into a dash by performing: d,d + H, b/f, AA. Its like performing the double tap forward/back to dash, only you hit either direction once and hit two attack buttons instead of tapping the joystick for a second time. It does not work if you have already fired off a prone shot.
Prone is also a special move, you could easily cancel anyone of Chris’s normal attacks into prone position. I personally recommend using st. H or stun rod because the put the opponent in a good amount of stun time. The combonation for prone cancelling is: d, d + H, u. As soon as Chris’s body hits the floor, immediatly tap up on the joystick; the exiting animation of prone position is jump and dash cancellable. This is like a cross between fly/unfly caneclling and X-23’s mirage feint cancel. If performed accuratly, you should be able to somewhat mixup the enemy or build space at mid-close range; with your opponent already exiting blockstun animation and unable to quickly punish you. You cannot however, continue a ground combo chain because of the startup frames on the entering animation frames.
I recommend trying these out in training mode because,they do require some solid execution to successfully pull off.

• Jumping was the only thing that Chris could cancel his jump with. It does not make sense that he has to cancel his his dash halfway through its animation. But like Doctor Doom’s jump cancel, it has its uses. For starters:

  1. You cover slightly more ground by cancelling forward dash into forward jump; ditto on dashing and jumping away.
  2. You can punish and bait a lot more of your opponent’s mistakes like this. Cancelling Chris’ s dash into a jump allows for you to punish unsafe hypers like Taskmaster and Deadpools projectile hypers like this.

That is all for now. I plan on making a video about these in the near future to help prove that they do work. Feel free to comment, share your ideas or thoughts, or ask me about anything else you have concern or trouble with. I’ll try and bring a few more ideas that I have just learned recently, when I have the time.