A concern about Tekken 7

I’d like to eventually buy an Xbox One for KI3, but I’m a bit worried that with Namco’s latest releases being PlayStation exclusive (Tekken Revolution and Soul Calibur Lost Swords) makes Tekken 7, which I think they’ll announce in mid-late 2014, end up being a PS4 exclusive. I’d really like to play KI3, but I can’t afford both consoles, and Tekken 7 has priority over Killer Instinct 3 for me, I have high expectations for that game.

Do you think Tekken 7 will be a Sony exclusive?

T7 not even announced and considering the declining sales I’m not sure if Namco will make another one.

Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Tekken series, and Harada said once to look for that moment. I kind of feel they’ll announce Tekken 7 next year, be positive!