A Computer finally passes the Turing test

source: http://gizmodo.com/this-is-the-first-computer-in-history-to-have-passed-th-1587780232/

inb4 Skynet.

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Wow. Somehow, through all my hours of Internet/technology news reading, I missed this. It is indeed big.

Now it’s time to start the story I just thought of. A computer AI that impersonates an entire country.

Thanks for the link, BEWD.


Internet girlfriends for everyone! :tup:

Computers pretending to be young boys or fat guys pretending to be young girls, the internet is certainly a dangerous place

Oh, crap! How long do we have until the world is secretly ruled by the Patriots ?

fixed, I guess. Dunno what robot made you post “dup”

Bonus link for Manx to tell us if they’re overselling this, had this tab open on GFWL support nixed in a big games list and it was a top story sidebar link.

From enough reading as I can do right now with blurry contacts and some drowsiness coming on, it seems yeah they are, and no - this isn’t close to the above link. I don’t know why I thought joystiq would be reporting on what’s being said here with the OP computer story, coming to this topic first.

But the same Skynet/Terminator references dropped for this guy’s RTS game AI too.

This one guy said it best, so I hope I don’t paraphrase him incorrectly:

“The Internet: Where Men are Men, Women are Men, and Children are the police!!”

erm since about 80 years ago lol

But can it run Crysis?

I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.

How we got this far in the thread without someone else making this joke, I will never know…

Any skynet worries will be shut down the moment that boy discovers porn…on itself…searching itself…to find itself…


What if porn is what caused Skynet to exterminate the humans?

Found a transcript.

2ChainZ4locoBoi: yo
Victorange: Hi there.
2ChainZ4locoBoi: sup #sup
Victorange: not too much here, you?
2ChainZ4locoBoi: playin Halo. U sound gay
Victorange: oh? I’m not. I…appreciate your curiosity though?
2ChainZ4locoBoi: Your mom appreciates my curiosity though.
Victorange: …
2ChainZ4locoBoi: thats wur ur dad said last night, nggerfggot

(It goes on this way…)

the moment it finds 4chan…

our fate is sealed. that or the undernet

I can see a “To Catch a Predator” episode featuring underage computers.

Seriously though, those russians have really created something on their hands…

Addendum to
"bcuz you touch yourself at night"

+while talking to Eugene Goostman.
Or a new urban dictionary entry for a sexual move. The Goostman

Totally gonna use it on that guy asking why we didn’t make the pun he wanted*. Because you touch yourself at night, while cybering, chat text only version with a Eugene Goostman. Okay fine. Female version. “Irene Goochedscam.” or Gooched’him? :cybot:

*like he didn’t want to post it, or have anything to post coming in here, and wanted the “damn you said it first!” disappointment

…would you like to play a game…?