A community developed 3d versus game

A question to the community…

What features do you think would make a 3d fighting game stand out from the rest?

I am talking from the roots up so things to consider, are…

  • The Core system, will it be a combo based game like Tekken, a technical game like VF etc

  • The movement system, will it be free like soul calibur. or restricted to more 2d like tekken tag (that was more like 2.5d)

  • Would bringing elements from the 2d genre boost gameplay like the chain combo system from games like Mvc3, blaze blue etc.

  • Would a tag based game work? or a team battle based game like CVS2 3v3?

  • Will super meters be implemented? or gauge bonuses like the grooves from CVS2?

There can never be a “Perfect” game but I would like to know what the perception of a good game is by the vast majority.

The reason I ask as I am sure some of you already know, I have been developing a game using the UDK (Unreal engine basically) based on the IP “Fate of the Gods”
(Fate Of The Gods for more info), an xbox arcade license has been granted via a partner and a PSN license is currently being evaluated.

In a nutshell I am producing a game for xbox arcade and playstation network and need your feedback. This will aid me in implementing a “SOLID” versus engine that
will be fun to play at both amateur and professional level.

Let me know what you think, all feedback will be much appreciated.