A challenge... a contest as it were, design the logo for the WWL!

Alright, to the art inclined of SRK, I bid you greetings. As you can tell I’m Silver Rain 007 and I’m the founder of the World Warriors League. It’s an XBOX Live HDR league but if everything goes well we’ll expand into SF4 and MvC2 possibly in the future. My website designer, told me today, that we needed some real high quality art work and other items to get this website poppin’.

So I’m coming to you. I would like to have a contest to see who can design the best logo for the World Warriors League website. Obviously it should match our game theme, HDR, SFIV, MvC2… maybe even different logos for different events, I don’ t know. That’s why I’m relying on your collective knowledge. Now I know I can’t offer any prize or anything like that, but I can appeal to that fighter’s pride and hopefully give the top talent a place to showcase its work on the web by helping our designer do some great stuff. We’ll take entries up until September 20th at midnight. We’ll decide on some arbitary number of finalsts and have an open vote on SRK to see which should win.

I mean this could be a total bust and no one will do it, but I hope that by appealing to and utilizing the talent of people far more artistically gifted than I am, that we’ll see some really great stuff. Thanks so much for your consideration guys and gals and hopefully you’ll be a finalist! Please submit entries to worldwarriorsleague@gmail.com. With any luck this thing will take off and we may utilize the winner’s services numerous times! Great way to get your art out there and maybe even be the artist for the WWL!

NOTICE: All entries become the proprerty of the World Warrior League with the intent to use for web site and potentially commercial purposes.

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pls host your art voting on your own site, thx.

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