A bit of everything sale: SANWA balltops, PS2 NEO games, Wavebird, G500 Mouse

hey folks,
got the following for sale. if you are interested, send me a PM.
I am looking for 2x Octagonal gates (sanwa) and 2x yellow 24mm buttons (sanwa)
i ship Saturdays only

minty fresh Logitech G500 gaming mouse complete with weights and software cd
— SOLD —

barely used GameCube Wavebird controller with receiver. in awesome shape
– $24 shipped

CoolerMaster 750 ATX power supply (used for few months before I gave up on my gaming PC)
$60 shipped

StarCraft II hardcover artbook $26 shipped
not sealed, but mint condition

Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe collectors edition
opened box, nothing else has been opened or played with.
the top of box has what looks like some damage, that is how it was shipped to me. it’s just cosmetic
$35 shipped

name your price people, i’ll entertain any offer

super old bump. still got these if anyone is interested. looking to buy Hori RAP PS2

I’ll take the mouse off your hands.

balltops gone?

yeah, sorry. they are gone.
added some new things

I have an octagon sanwa gate. It’s yours free or if you wanted to send a dollar or two for shipping that would be cool. Let me know your addy.

more then willing to make a deal with folks, i need this stuff gone!