A-Bison Notes

(this is one of the personal files I keep on my computer to keep track of all the things I’ve learned with a CvS2 character… what to practice in training and whatnot…)

f, f dash

102 pixels long
23.9 pixels high

Goes over 90% of low attacks in the game and is quite fast. One of the best dashes in the game in my opinion.

(see d.LP, d.LK, and combos)
(I took the frame data from Buk’s guide. Thanks!)

d.LP 300/+6/+6 o/o/o
parry high/low

Easily on tier with Chun li in having the best low jab in the entire game. Both hit extremely fast and give the same frame advantage. Both have only 13 total execution frames, and both have enormous damage potential when used properly. Although it does 100 less than Chun’s, the fact that it cancels into itself (the data is o/o/o… alright!) more than makes up for an insignificant 100 points. Keep in mind Bison is a charge character and thus needs to be played different technique wise, otherwise the application of this move is the same as Chun’s. I do suspect Bison low jab has slightly less range than Chun’s though…

Use in conjunction with Bison’s f, f dash.

Depending on the situation, you either chain these together or link them when comboing. If you need to make sure you have your charge for example, link them slowly. As opposed to if you just want to lay pressure on a big character like Blanka. Just tap out 3 LP’s and let them all chain in that case.

d.LK 400/+4/+4 x/o/o
parry low

Situationally specific reasons to use this over d.LP:

-As a meaty attack. The 6 hitting frames allow for a meatier hit against wakeups.
-To go low. Keep the opponent in check everytime you use a properly setup f, f dash. Make SURE he’ll want to block low everytime you dash.

This move isn’t bad actually. Speedwise, it’s on tier with a shoto d.LP hitting on the 3rd frame.

Comboing requires you to be accurate with your link timing though. As the +4 frame advantage it yields is not a lenient as the d.LP’s +6.


More range than a d.MK. Plus it chains from d.LP. Use this in combos more often, as at certain distances and after certain setups, combos will ONLY work with s.LK.

d.MK 900/+5/+5 x/o/o
parry low

Less range than s.LK, however slightly more damage (insignificant). Must link from d.LP. Use this when you want to make SURE you have your charge (as you have to do everything slowly).

At only 21 executions frames, this is the best “whiffing” normal to build meter with in the game.

Yielding a +5 frame advantage, this move can actually link into itself! (albeit it’s on of those evilly difficult 1 frame links)


Only a factor when playing against big characters. Hits FAST on the 4th frame (wow). Very easy to link with. You don’t even have to double tap as opposed to linking with d.MK.

far s.MK 1000 -3/-3
34 frames total

Like Yamazaki’s far s.HK. Only not as good. Doesn’t give as much frame advantage, less damage, and there’s one extra recovery frame.

close s.HP 1500/-2/-2 x/x/o

You’re going to get this move accidently every now and then when you want to throw.

You’re only at -2 when blocked, so you’re pretty much 99% safe. Plus it’s a heavy attack, so you’ll push away the blocking opponent. You’re at the advantage when blocked as a meaty, so don’t worry about that either.

Is this move safe when JD’d though? Always be ready to tech throw I suppose.

If I’m not going for a throw, I treat this as a slightly worse version of close s.MP.

Don’t even think twice when you accidently get this move as anti-air.



(against any big characters, always replace d.MK with s.MP)

-d.LP, d.LP, d.MK xx MK scissors
-d.LK, link d.LP, d.MK xx MK scissors
-d.LP, link d.LP, chain s.LK xx MK scissors

*Update: s.LK combos are fantastic. Bison can become an aggressive, hopping fool by going for jab combos ending with s.LK xx scissors instead. If the opponent blocks, just let them block the jab and keep attacking. Since s.LK is so easy to link/chain as opposed to d.MK you don’t have to worry about your timing accuracy etc… as much anymore.

Character specific combos:

-d.LP, d.LP, d.LP, s.LK xx MK scissors
To combo into CC at midscreen against Blanka

-d.LP, d.LP, d.LP, s.MP xx LK scissors
The guard crush chain of death against Blanka. Your scissors will be perfectly distanced to do only one hit. Keep in mind you won’t be able to link your CC if the combo actually hits, even if you use MK scissors (the s.MP pushes you back too far).

-s.LP, s.LP, s.LP, s.MP xx LK scissors
Do against Sagat.


Strategy notes:

Use counter hit jab setup more often:

d.lp (blocked), wait, d.lp, combo. (ala Iori s.lp to set up counter hit)

Use double dash setups more often:

midscreen, any MK scissors combo (knockdown), dash, dash, (now crossed up) d.LP, d.LP, s.LK xx MK scissors

Cross up HK setup:

point blank d.MK, d.MK, cross up jump HK

Cammy must walk under or stand still to avoid it (or be good at DP). She get’s nailed for a FAT hit when she crouches or tries to block.

Deceptive cross up:

Bison can actually cross up with j.HK closer than most people think. With Bison’s far and high arcing jump, it’s only natural to assume that you must be half-screen or more to land that cross up j.HK. Bison can in fact cross up with j.HK at mid-range (or even close range against Blanka). Lay down 3 chained crouching LP’s against Blanka to see the magic distance. The trick to making it work against other opponents is to slighty walk forward a little first, then jump.

j.MK in the corner is an ambiguous crossup. Bison will hit the opponent from the back, but land in the front.


-EARLY far s.HP
You can beat even the toughest jumpins like Vega’s and Mai’s if you time it right. See that number 12 after the 5 frame startup? That means the move lasts a long time. See that glowing stuff on Bison’s hand too? It’s invincible. Learn to make this your primary anti-air.

Totally distance dependent… I don’t know how to explain what distances where it’s best to use (close, mid-range, half-screen etc. Use this primarily against a jumping Sagat. You’ll beat 90% of all his jump-ins (a lot better than you would do with s.HP).

-Jump back MP
(I don’t know what the data is for jumping back)
When the opponent is too close to use other options (ie. close range).

-close s.HP/s.MP
Your last resorts. These are your only options if Blanka crosses you up at close range. You trade for sure, but it’s preferable to eating crossup MK, chip electricity for 10-15% right?

Kara CC scissors:

-Block rival Bison’s psycho crusher, CC, whiff d.HK, HK scissors
You just punished pyscho crusher with your CC from midscreen(!).

Primary ground tools:

-whiffed jabs

-one hit LK scissors
Use after a whiffed jab

Be careful how you whiff this. Blanka can actually random slide you if you do it mindlessly. Bison’s meaty attack of choice. 90% of time you press a button, you’ll be pressing this.

You’re even on frames after landing this. As much as I don’t like this move, Bison doesn’t really have anything else.

I didn’t like this move before, but now think it’s quite good. It’s Yamazaki’s standing roundhouse that does less damage. Bison simply would of been too overpowering if he had a more powerful ground attack.

Only good against Cammy. The bible has a picture of Bison kicking Morrigan with this move too (along with some Japanese captions that I can’t understand). I’m assuming the book’s trying to say this move is good against anybody with a slow roll. The kick has quite a large hitbox (farther than s.MK’s).

-Walk up jabs
After Sagat whiffs a ground normal, don’t hestitate to pressure with walk up s.LP’s. Bait him to want to pyschic uppercut you.

Bison’s second best ground attack (after the one hit scissors). Why does it only have to work against tall characters though?? argg…

-Far range slide
Use sparingly. Must hit with the end frames at the magic distance to actually be safe.

-regular slide
To punish any whiff attacks. At only 6 frames of startup, this move isn’t bad for that purpose. You’ll get a knockdown.


Basic strategy:

Bison walks very fast and jumps very high. He can easily be played as a very “floaty” character making liberal use of crossups. Against a character with poor crossup defense, like Kyo, this can be hard to stop. 90% of the time however, and especially against Sagat, Bison is played better as a defense ground character. Bison’s dash, one hit scissor kicks, and jabs are all very powerful tools. Make VERY liberal use of dash, jabs; dash, throws; walk up throws.

Against characters who don’t have a level 3 charged (Cammy, Sagat, etc…), use his charge d, u+K and charge d, u+P mindgames a lot too. Bison plays different depending on what range he’s at and how the opponent is choosing to play the match (aggressively, defensive, etc…).

Once I have meter, I only go for guaranteed activations from now on. Random dash in, CC’s etc… are for the impatatient and, ultimately, those who choke. A lot of stuff you could simply do with a dash in, jab combo or one hit scissors setup instead. I don’t know why American players like wasting their meters on random shit so much.

I thought Cammy’s c.mp was the best whiffed normal meter builder.

Has anybody else noticed how much damage Bison’s medium attacks do? d.MP and s.MK both do 1100. That’s more than Sakura’s far standing roundhouse. Must be the glowing crap on his hand and those metal shinguards that power Bison up.

Yup, that is why some people use K-Bison, POWER

i have a prob!

i dont know, how u move your stick when u do bison a-groove special!!

can anybody explain me??

Ghetto way:
DP+fierce, [QCF+fierce xN]

That’s not always consistent. I see lots of people screw it up all the time.

Just do DP+ fierce xN. It’s not exactly the hardest combo ever, it’s repetitive motion, no real timing either, just get a rhythm going.
Once you can do the CC the right way, your consistency will go up, too.

And you’ll be able to DP faster? I dunno.

i’ve been using bison lately, and i’m working on linking d.lp, d.lp, d.mk. i do 1.2…3… but i can’t get it to work 100% of the time (more like 30% right now)

is there a better way to do it? i know you (kcxj) do double tap, but when i double tap, i mess up on the scissor kick

Don’t bother with the double tap craziness at all if you can’t do it then. I also use…

c.LP x 2~3, s.LK xx MK scissors/HP crusher

You can just mash out that combo like you’re rsigley trying to do short, short, super with Terry. It’s much easier, and s.LK has more range than d.MK anyway.

it’s like a one frame link and you know console speeds are different than arcade so of course i’ll screw up!!

hey have you ever won a match in a tournament, let alone entire tournaments?? i thought you’d win so many with all your knowledge =)

Nah, don’t judge me by my posts, because 95% are all random numbers I made up anyway. I suck at CvS2 and I know it. About the only saving grace I do have though is…

me not having to live in New Jersey > everything else :lol:


with all that information … you would probely still get ruined by me / any other good player

all that frame shit … just abit of experience, and what not to do with bison. and you have mastered the best character in the game

hmmmm…are you sure?

what’s the best way to combo into bison’s midscreen CC?

I know you can paint the fence after BnB in the corner, but I need a way to start from midscreen to feel more complete.

C.lp,C.lp,S.lk,medium scissorkick, activate, s.lp,rh scissor,s.rh,rh scissor until the corner

Lol I eagerly await your return. My C-Bison needs practise and strats =P.

Oh, I quit Bison. Sorry. :bgrin:

This character got me into so many bad habits I can’t believe I was even willing to use him in the first place. I might come back eventually, but I definately want to focus on getting good with the characters I use right now though.

Activate :d: :mk: :hp: :hk: + stand:lp: + :uf: :hk:X2 + :hp: + :hp: DP/paint.
If you dont end up in corner then do a low scissor kick after you land from :hk:X2.
(sorry I am not good with explaining combos but you get the picture)

Waahhh… I screw up using A-bison! My team nowadays is A-groove terry, Rugal, R2 Bison; the stupid thing is that I don’t CC with my R2 coz I’m afraid I might waste meter. So I just do c.lp, c.lk, c.mk then lvl1 scissors kick all the time. When blocked, I usually teleport backwards after so. I tried practicing this CC:

Upclose Activate: c.mkx2, c.fk, s.mp, (air) f.k x 2 (or 3), then when we land at the corner, my bison either does 1 paint then psycho crusher or just jab then jump. I don’t have a PS2 at home (BTW i’m as poor as a rat), yet I want to execute the painting Bison. Rugal’s CC is far easier than Bison. Pls. help any1?