925X Phoenix Games Concord, CA..Hyper Fighting/Super Turbo Heads 925/510/408/415

Last Sunday of ever month 925X Phoenix Games in Concord, CA will be hosting back to back Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter II Turbo Tournaments.

Hyper Fighting sign ups start at 1 PM, Starts at 2:30 PM

ST sign ups and stats right after hyper fighting is over.

Both tournaments are $5 entry. $3 to pot. $2 to house. You have to enter at least one tournament to play casuals. Double elimination.
No coin-drop. All Street Fighter stuff is free play.

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting will be played off of CPS-1 Hardware, Set ups are an American style Z-Back Cab with IL competition sticks, Candy cab with Semitsus sticks and a Super Gun with the Undamned USB decoder (supports X360/PS3 Sticks). All A-boards will be running at 12 mhz as well.

Our ST setup is lacking at the moment, We only have one board we play off of at the moment and if we have have a big turn out we will have to resort to classic mode on HDR. So if your interested in coming and have a ST board your more than welcome to bring it. It wont be like this for too long we might get a few more ST boards in the coming month, courtesy of Sosage.


I’m going to be running this Hyper Fighting event every last Sunday of the month. We may run Super Turbo as well if we can work out the logistics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this hyper fighting & turbo as in old school sf ? because if its old school sf then im down.

Yes. SF2. I have a Zback in Phoenix Games running Hyper Fighting 7 days a week.

Awesome, what city are we talking about here ?

Never mind just re-read, Concord.


Do you guys play other fighting games besides old school sf2? I’m looking to get some practice in USF4.

I believe that pheonix games is looking to host other FGC events, you should get in touch with them. Or you can come out and this Sunday and play, check it out! :stuck_out_tongue:
but we strickly play HF and ST on these days.

I’ve had discussions with the owner about running modern stuff out of there. He’s interested. I know someone is looking to run Smash out of there.

As for 925X, it’s strictly Hyper Fighting and Super Turbo for now. I’m not hating on Ultra, but there are a ton of sessions going down for that game all over the Bay, especially when compared to HF/ST. This is our one day out of the month to play OG SF2. :stuck_out_tongue: