925 FinalBout KOF/AE/UVC3/etc Sessions 925

Awesome! I’m glad we got more people coming out. I’ll bring a table tomorrow. Should be able to fit at least two setups on it.

If anyone needs a lift from 925’s personal chauffeur feel free to hit me up at (925) 522-1285 we’ll negotiate the annual fee depending on your location once you’ve contacted me, Please don’t make this a last second ordeal. I’ll tell you what my availability is during the phone call so everything can be settled.

P.S. Marquez let me know if you still need an extra table man, I can be the back up if Tornix will cover us by bringing his.

hey tornix do you still play tvc and blazblue cs? Hey marques if I bring a copy of blazblue cs for xbox 360 can i use your 360 to play on it? SOuthpaw are you bringing your wii with you?

Bring Your Lunch Money Kids Im Hungry = ).

if someone brings tvc I’ll money match you for 5 dollars, thats assuming if you play the game.

Nah son SSF4 Money matches only I rarley Play TVC.

I don’t really play TvC or BBCS much now. I’ll play them, but I’ll be incredibly free.

so ill get started in about an hour the sidegate will be open

Cool, Tornix and I will be there at 7 at the latest.

Ill try and be there soon so I can get lit up and a lil drunk so we can start to session.

ggs to everybody last night hella fun and you no the session gets real when puzzle fighter comes out

Yeah, ggs to everyone. I can’t believe I played KOF for that long. I. Just. Couldn’t. Stop.

Yes. KOF 2002 UM is just too good. Thanks for playing with me Gensou. I would have played more but I got tired. Guess I’ll start playing with foxy and seth. Marquesz, thanks for having us man. Can’t wait for the next gathering. Since you played tvc with me, I’ll bring my juri and adon next session.

What bout Bomber Man lol. Next session lets try a Mini Tourney so we at least accomplish a LIL SSF4 play where we dont fuck around and pick random peeps lol. I Used Cammy for a Bit and I SUCK with her lol…

Dude you weren’t free at all, you weren’t even half off. At most you were a 25% discount until we got you warmed up a bit. Every game we had there was fun, it’s nice to know that 925 actually has some variety. Shoutouts to Puzzle Fighter and Haiku for throwing down Bomberman. (Future ladies) and gentlemen it looks like we’ll be developing so much for these upcoming fight scenes. Who is willing to take these games to a competitive edge as soon as they hit the shelves?

1.Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Obviously)
2.King of Fighters 13
3.Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Who else plays Tekken besides marquezsf, HaikuWar, and myself?

HaikuWar: Start out with money matches because right now everyone is focused on the fun aspect of all these sessions we’re having, we should find out how many of our locals/members want to play SSF4 on that professional level. Once we settle in around the end of November and we get a good load of people coming through on a daily basis we’ll upgrade our regional proclamation. Your tournament should be the highlight of our community, if it’s a success then all of us will be looking forward to a great future. Is everyone ready to put 925 on the map?! :smile:

Yeah, yo I had a great time and felt it was worth the drive out there. ggs to everyone that I got to play super and HDR with. I gotta level up my Super Puzzle Fighter skills though.

As for the playing SSF4 on the professional level, idk feeling pretty free so might have to wait on that for a long time.

But yeah, thanks again Marquez for having us and can’t wait to see that Guile. Also, I owe you $1.

Pierre. If I make it to the next one, KOF11 all day. Ill bring my ps2 and what not.

Shit! If you can make the next one bartstation, bring all the kof games. The hard drive method doesn’t work on my ps2 for some reason, but now I use an external hard drive on my ps2. Games load a little slow, but once I setup my ps2 network games will be running quick.

Damn! I’ll be bringing mine too, I was already planning to anyway. I have a good amount of ps2 fighters on the HDD among other games.

Is there anything happening this week? I must know lol.