925 CodeBrew Possible Monthly Tourneys in the Works SUPPORT so it can happen

SO Last Event Ran well and Im planning on making this a monthly thing because the owner of the store said they’d LOVE to have us back and we are welcome back to use their venue.

2485 Sand Creek Rd
Suite 140
Brentwood, CA 94531

So Im gonna try and Plan the Next date, Most likely in December on a Sunday so Look out for more Info.

RESULTS from Last Time

SSF4 Results
Supreme Champion: Nestor ( Chun Li )
Worthy Adversary: Tornix ( Cammy, Fei Long )
Maybe Next Time: Marquez ( Balrog, and HELLA lame Guile lol )
4th place: GG ( Rose )
5th place Fuji( ryu ) , Anthony ( Honda )
7th place HaikuWar( Rufus ) , LivingToSin ( Blanka )
9th place: Spirit Of Black ( Rufus )

( if You used another character I didnt post Please let me know )

Would November be easier for you guys to come out or maybe Late October? Please Feedback guys.

bro im in idk what day ill be there and i can bring extra setups if needed

Yeah Extra set ups will be godlike. If youve been to the streets of brentwood and inside code brew you can see we can fit at least 8 set ups. 925 HYPE

sad times in our scene, when things like this have to be added to the rules. :frowning:

I know Its cause the rush and Hype and Everyone wants to make a quick buck Instead of Working towards earning shit. If Your paying someone to lose your just taking up space and time also.

you forgot to post the link to the website in the first post, btw.

TY very much I oops lol…

BRO I TOTALLY HAVE YOUR BACK ON THIS!!! THIS IS MY FUCKING TERRRITORY!!! Alright let me infragment some of your rules though man, No disrespect… Since Brentwood isn’t really adrecognized as that much of a popular town I highly suggest you take it down to a dull roar. I’ll lay out 3 basic guidelines for you:

  1. Divide the entry fee in half, make it 5$. Forget the venue fee…
  2. We need to find a way to actually add up a bit more hype since it’s rare to find a good amount of games in our neighborhood. I can add some ideas but I’ll wait until you get back to this post.
  3. How are you looking on sponsorships? Because it would be a lot easier if you had a big name with you to help promote your tournament. I’ll repeat the expression one more time though, Brentwood really isn’t that big of a fighting game scene at all… Unless you have decent connections.

I’ll brainstorm with you on what your chances are of this happening and of what possibilities might arise from it.

P.S. I was also the dude that helped you out with camera footage during your matches at the the previous Lodi tournament.

If the venue fee is required then I take back what I said about the 5$. Just make it $7 then…

I’m in! I’m sure my brother will be, too. I can bring a setup and a 360 or PS3.

@SouthPaw: Sorry I didn’t return your PM’s man. I’ve been busy with work and helping my friend with his wedding. I’ll be free after mid-October though.

OMG seriously amazing guys = ) K I was thinking of lowering it to 7$ instead of 10$ the date is now Nov 13th
Ive talked to Haunts from IPW about streaming it and If I can get this stickied Then we will be set. I chose the 13th because its right before NCR and Hopefully people will show up to prepare somehow. Ill Edit the OG post and Contact Haunts.

good shit bro cant wait

Also Not a DEMAND but while there if your hungry or thirsty try to buy there so itll look better and we Possibly if we like the venue reuse it for the future. Spread the word Please. I know your 925 heads know how dead it is here…

Damn this epiphany I just had is so awesome! I just thought of how dope it would be if we were able to host a tournament at a movie theatre such as Rave and smack each other up on the Daddy screens!.. (Drools) I have you covered on 2 set ups man, I have 2 big ass TVs and my PS3 along with my brother’s Xbox360, I’ll just need help carrying the TVs since there old school. You should create a poll for a secondary game you might be able to vouch a small tournament for. I would definitely make a recommendation for BlazBlue Continuum Shift, since the crouds now a days want to stick with playing games that are up to date…

Yeah true dat For everyone else who is bringing a set up PM me like this
Number of tvs
Number of consoles and types
games for one console
games for the other
ETC just keep it organized and All

and yeah the bigscreen would be BITCHEN but imagine… we gotta either have a LONG ass USB extension or LONG AS HDMI or vga ( whatever the 3 color thing ) adapter lol. Good idea though but for this tourney I wanna keep it simple and see how well we do

Just as he says, I’m in.

Nice knew te Eastbay Had Hella sleepers = ) Maybe if this turns out well It can become a Monthly thing.

Yeah I’ve been meaning to get some local offline comp in but I’ve just been lazy about it.