9/5/09 H2YL Biweekly Results

SF4 Singles

  1. Steve H (Sagat)
  2. MagnetoManiac (Akuma/Rog)
  3. Chillin (Sagat)
  4. Mike A. (Rufus)
  5. iNerd (Chun?)
  6. Azen (Viper)

SF4 Teams

  1. Steve H/Turbo
  2. Magman/Eric V
  3. Azen/Chillin
  4. Mike A./iNerd


  1. Steve H (Batsu/Ryu)
  2. Chillin (Polymar/Ken)
  3. Azen (Jun/Souki)

thanks to everyone for coming out, next one i’ll be better prepared although this one ran fine. there were like 20 people total, including the smash side. props to steve h for sweeping. magmans akuma is nasty :wow:

edit: added chars, magman also used chun viper and ken but i didnt wanna list like 8 chars next to his name

le sigh…

I have to admit, I had my doubts, but the players who came out really made it good.
I just wish my game had been up to par tho’…

MVA, GG’s…“Yo, how do you stun her!!!” LoL. That close Fierce into FB string is hot.

Thanks to Steve for the tips…going to get my MIND right for these GAMES. Also hit me up for some Alpha2 GGPO games…could use the practice.

BSkinE, hope you enjoyed your first tourny…still Hate Ken!

V., i’ll let you know for SB4…GG’s too. Going to get my Rose right for next time…

Chillin, good shit all around man. That Sagat, surprise/ highlight of the night…that, and that Pad Viper…WHAT???

Shinku…GG’s to you too, awesome Ryu…don’t jump in on Rose with a lk/p when she has ultra.

Will be back again…


Steve: One day man.

BskinE: Good stuff. hope you enjoyed it. Come out to more casuals and tourneys!

Chillen: good shit on hosting the tourney, and good shit on placing.

Magman: I definitely feel good about having you as an unofficial mentor (double perfect steve H? are you freakin serious?). we should talk more when we’re in person tho. I could use some criticism from you. I wanna pick your brain.

all in all, Im still not good enough. Gotta do more work, and figure more shit out.

Tired of losing, ready to win.

Steve H. And MM, gs.

Just got home, thanks everyone.

Steve H - I swear you’re the only person that will tech my throws and land heinous jumps from 3/4 of the screen. Counter picking you is not enough, very ggs.

ChillenDude - The other player I lost to, GOOD shit with Sagat. I was saying it in casuals, you’re the next Eric Kim for the area :karate:. Keep practicing stick, it’s showing improvement.

iNerd - Ah…play safer!! It’s ok, it took me way more uppercuts to learn how to play her right…

Mike A - Meh, we can do better…!!! Always aiming for the top, you should be too. Finish it up next time :china:.

Azen - Your Viper is coming along good. I strongly recommend you use stick, though. I have NO idea how you’re pulling off her stuff on a 360 pad.

Drod - Thanks for showing your support and coming out, your number counts in the scene. Glad you’re having fun with Rose.

Good times, thanks everyone who came out and to Chillen for hosting this. Very fun event for a small one, and learned plenty. Later everyone.

God damn, Steve must have been on fire tonight.

i think its time to cut whatever is holding you back in teams mags.

Yeah, she is my last hope for this game, lol. I do have fun playing with her, but I would have more fun winning (more consistently) with her. My execution is not on point yet…

I’m going to take what Steve preached at me and work it in.

that dead weight is only good for jumping fences… lol… jk

Thanks everyone for making my first tourney exciting. I was suprised to see so many big names there.
iNerd - Thanks for getting me into the scene; I have so much work to do.
DRod- Thanks for teaming with me for 2v2 even though we didn’t go do well.
Chillin - Thanks for hosting and the cheap drinks
Steve H. - I’ll see you at UMBC weeklies to pick your brain some more.
MagMan - Good to meet you in person, I see you post all the time on the Ken forums and I’ve tried to learn what I can from you. You play so many characters well; its good shit.
Everyone else that played - Thanks for the matches!

im thinking about another tourney on the 19th, what do you guys think

GG’s in TVC guys had fun playing u fools…

Steve H nice win and I learned a lot from playing mirror Sagat against you, your gross with that character even though you dont really like the game…GT for life…GS lol

Thanks for hosting Chillen and also good Sagat mirrors bro, Mags said you might be the next Kimmicks and I cannot agree more!

Mags good work, double perfect…UGGGGGHHHHH stay nasty mang

To MVA and Inerd…Sagat is cheap! lol

Dikrodnum you need to Rose people down at C3 good sir…gg’s as well

Im in to chill if this goes down again guys…pz :lol:

Mag play a new chara every tourney. Next time: Vega…what it do?

I’ll be here if the next tourny is on the 19th.

Im good for the 19th as well…
Just be careful about that timing with C3 falling on one your weekends…

i think the next c3 is confirmed for october 3rd, so that shouldnt be a problem

im gonna try to see if theres any other tourneys in this area on the 19th, if not im gonna go ahead and announce a tourney on the 19th

gg magman