9/22/06 FFA RanBat 3.2 CvS2 Results

Total of 15 Players Entered

Here are the top 4 results:
1st - Combofiend (A-Groove Rolento/Bison/Rock) 10 Points
2nd - Amir (A-Groove Sagat/Rolento/Bison) 7 Points
3rd - Evil Elvis (K-Ken/Sagat/Cammy) 5 Points
4th - Bill Bagnus (K-Cammy/Sagat/Blanka) 3 Points

Total Points Results:
Amir - 17 Points
Combofiend - 17 Points
Evil Elvis - 5 Points
Jason Cole - 5 Points
Sanchez - 3 Points
Bill Bagnus - 3 Points

Lots of crazy stuff and shit talking going on…Big thanx to Arlieth for the video help & brackets…thanx to Combofiend, Warren & Bill for the commentary…Huge thanx to the players that entered!..see ya in 2 weeks! :wink:

bill under combo’s sn

get that vid of me and arlieth up a sap

that shit was serious

thanks to shogo and arly for taping and audio loooooove you

shogo wasn’t ready for the rub game

Where are the vids uploaded at on your site? Gotta love combo’s A-rock.

congratulations BIRU

when will you guys put the cvs2 ranking vids on the denjin-video site? i would really love to se them :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank all the people that showed. This time we got a whopping 15 entrants, with Cole there, it would have been a full 16 man bracket.

Anyhow, much props to the Riverside guys that showed. Sorry the tourney started so late, we had some unexpected issues happen, and people thnking the start time was at like 10 or something.

Commentary was too serious. Just as a foreword: for anyone who watches these vids of this particular Ranbat, fools were good off that 151 and Hurricane combo. Watch how SoCal does it on that buzzed tip. Take the audio as you want, if you don’t like it, turn the speakers down cause fools were stupid on the mike.

Till then, two weeks. Hopefully the same guys show and others that were missing also show.

BAGNUS??? WTF?,lol

wish I had my own car so I could show up to this, can’t wait for the vids

Damn after the madness warren let loose in the bathroom I thought for sure he’d win. He fucking cleared out the back half of FFA with his 3-day colon cancel.

lol@warren being a lightweight. good job to peter, and where in hell is cole?? started this gangsta shit and no where to be found? cmon man… call yourself a dedicated gamer… pssstttt!!! bagnus 4th?? how many people were drunk?? lol, jk bro. gj all, ill try to make it for the next one so i can test my patience with you youngins.


bill is a cvs2 god

I just saw the vid this and the commentary by evil fucking elvis is fucking godly. LMFAO i never laugh so hard watching a video. Good job to cole assisting pimping also

yeah warren’s commentary is by far the best ever in a ranbat vid

This is the first time I EVER watch 40 mins straight of cv2, I hate this game so much, but Elvis is godlike :rofl: please let him comment all future tournaments.

Hey hey yo…

I actually showed up on Saturday thinking there was going to be a ranbat, but Shogo looks at me with a wtf look on his face saying it was on Friday…dammit…BUt its all good. Questions:

Is there money for the top 3 spots? Actually, my first question shouldve been…how much to enter?

Also, when do people play CvS2 now? I went on Sat like a 6-7ish, and no one was there…wassup with that?

Where can I get those videos for the ranbat. I heard commentary is hilarious:D

Last, Combofiend, is that the Shogun of Harlem?! Who is the master?

That’s about it…

-The Geese

everything you need to know is on denjin’s site,just look for cvs2 banner.