9/21 UCLA MvC2/CvS2/3S/ST Results

MvC2 (33 Participants)

1st-Duc Do (Sent/Cable/Cyke, Spiral/Cable/Sent)
2nd-Combo Fiend (Mag/IM/Sent, Storm/Sent/IM)
3rd-David Lee (Storm/Sent/Cable, Mag/Sent/Cable)
4th-Viscant (Doom/Storm/Cable)
5th-Clockw0rk (Sent/Strider/Doom, Storm/Sent/CapCom)
5th-SiN (Sent/Cable/CapCom)

CvS2 (23 Participants)

2nd-Combo Fiend
4th-Duc Do

Third Strike (23 Participants)

3rd-J.R. Rodriguez
4th-Adolfo Luevano

Super Turbo (13 Participants)

1st-Mike Watson
5th-Quincy Yang

That’s all I remember from MvC2. I don’t remember the characters from the other games. Maybe someone else can post them…

remember the teams / characters used by any chance?



Apoc didn’t get my message, I guess :frowning: Too bad, I wanted to go to this. Good job, everyone.

Pyrolee tying with Bas? Too dope.



lol…he got 5th

Man that Ken guy is sick, I thought he was going to beat Gee-o.

Hehe…ken is considered a scrub in japan. He did really well here though( in the USA) Congrats to you gee-o, it looked like you were gonna lose but you pulled through hehe!

Did Duc use Spiral?

Oh, and I’m really interested in everyone else’s team too.

Hey SIN, could you put my sn under my name in apex (Tony G)


Yes, BAS was there. I thought he was going to tear it up in CvS2, but he got put into losers’ by Combo Fiend. He had to win some tough matches down the stretch to win the tourney…

Next tourney will probably be in mid-November…

Yeah he was telling us that he barely ever plays third strike, but he is so good compared to us. Then again K.O. taught him how to play…

Sorry Das. We had gotten up to Shatto Lanes around 2:30am on Friday night and we hadn’t had sleep so we slept in LA and went straight to UCLA. We were well outta the area by that time and in the rush to leave, my stupid ass didn’t write down the number. But nope, I didn’t get any message. Sorry about that:(



what are you doing in Cali?

You live there now or just visiting?

We still need to have AZ vs Vegas!


I thought BAS lived in Japan, someone update me please. Also, does anyone know the teams used for CvS2? Thanks in advance.

AZ Vs Vegas eh?HMMMM sounds good :slight_smile: all the az MvC2 player i know are hella chill and even romanian mind games robert is hella dope :smiley: we said we would be team VegAZ

Is COMBOFIENDS new CvS2 groove p-groove,and if so why?

he does, he’s just been visiting for the past 2 months. (Serious) Man I envy him, I’d like to go to Japan and chill with the players there for 2 months.

Chaotic Blue

What teams were played in CvS2?