8bitdo new arcade stick, says no wired mac?

So this stick came out today, for you Amernicans at least :yum:,

amazon comments from 8bitdo rep say no mac wired? but mac bluetooth with their receiver you have to buy seperately, but I don’t really want bluetooth only cuz lag.

It works with xinput mode, why can’t I just plug usb into my mac, and if it doesn’t work, would a program like this maybe recognize it?


I want to use it to try different sticks and buttons, since it’s supposed to be easy mod, sell my unmodded n30, but not if there’s no wired mac on this new one, because then that stick becomes rare.

If it says no wired mac, there no wired mac

And the orginal stick isnt that valube.

Doesn’t make sense they had wired in the first stick but took it away for this one, but I guess I’ll find out I’m getting it regardless eventually.

I didn’t mean it’s like gold or something, just rare, a wireless or wired stick, works on mac, android, windows, switch.

As for it not working on Mac? I dont know
Maybe they got to pay apple for the rights or something.

something, I think when you plug it in, some mac joystick program will be able to recognize it, they don’t advertise android or ios either but in the amazon comments they say it works for that too.

So if anyone cares, 8bitdo told me it will work wired mac if you use 360controller driver, but, that driver only works for catalina and not for big sur, which is fine with me because I haven’t updated yet, my macbook is old and I probably won’t.

Interesting to test if the old one will work on big sur, because it has some native mac mode setting, if that’s the case, it’s unique.

I haven’t used an apple product in a long time, but all signs point to Apple trying to lock down its ecosystem almost like a game console. Unsigned software doesn’t run without user override, allegedly as a “security feature”, and Apple has had some sort of problem with Nvidia lately. I am pretty sure 8bitdo would support apple if they could, or post a firmware update if possible, but it might be something about Apple’s policies and system implementation that makes it impractical for them to make a driver for the system. That would be my guess.

I vaguely recollect 8bitdo removing compatibility with I.O.S. at some point too, and if I recall correctly that started happening once mi-fi certification became a thing, so this wouldn’t be unprecedented.

One last thing to note is that apple recently updated their line of computers to switch from Intel to their own proprietary Arm M1 chip, so maybe 8bitdo can not guarantee it will work on the newer computers.

It is kind of weird though since you would think all U.S.B. controllers would be treated the same, but I guess not.

Yeah i think they didn’t have time to bother with big sur and ARM so just said screw it, it’s understandable.

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I think with Xbox 360 drivers working fine, and i wait that the I.L joystick fit in the case are 8bitdo say in the web page but i don´t see the conectors for this sticks

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Great 8bitdo put jlf solder to pcb to save 5$ or less, i wait that amazon.co.uk send my order i could put I.L Magnetic in this stick without issues

Can tha magenta joystic work in tha 8bitdo arcade stic? If so can you tell me how so i can buy it.