8bitdo nes30 pro padhack

i saw a diagram from Darksakul for the sfc30 padhack, but im trouble finding one for the nes30 pro (because i’d like to use eight buttons instead of the six). i’ve never padhacked before, but i’ve defintely soldered (made my own ecig box mods before). i’d like to daisy chain the ground for simplicity, and it looks like i can solder a common ground on the sfc30, so it should be similar with the nes30 pro. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

It could be that no one’s bothered to padhack it before.
If you take clear pictures of the PCB, we could definitely try to help you identify the solder points.

Outside of weird analog buttons (XBO’s or GameCube triggers, for example), the process for padhacking is pretty much universal: take PCB out, look at the the button contacts and the solder points, use a multimeter to determine continuity if unsure, and solder away.

gimme a second i haven’t hosted an image in forever, lol

A multimeter would be helpful