84% Green Arrow Reset/Thread

This combo is highly impractical, I know, but after seeing Honzo’s resets I wanted to do something with them. You can see this comment on the video itself ;p I have to record things with my old iPod, so it’s very amateurish video work.

Edit: Also, where the heck are the Arrow Threads? I mean really, 2 Banes, a couple of Nightwings and I didn’t even bother counting the Deathstrokes.

I’ll start. Anyone else think he needs a better cross up attack? jH is a little slow, and if you hit people crouching they’ll get knocked right down and it’s near impossible to combo them at that point.

Its kinda easy to combo after j.3. just do 22 after or d. 1 into a ice arrow/hurricane bow/stinger. But I would like j.2 to be better.

I’ve seen instances where the opposing player is literally knocked into a floating state for an incredibly short amount of time and very low to the ground. To paint a clear picture it’s as though the crouching enemy is knocked into a juggle state based off where their hips/stomach are. I would like to see the reaction float them higher if j3 will continue to be GA’s main (read: only) crossup attack.

We need more GA info in general on this board.

I learned from a GA player to sometimes assault others from afar with a jumping downward arrow, usually a freeze arrow after a knock down. I think right now it’s a tactic that mainly works because not too many know about it being an overhead, or if they’re used to SFIV they think it’s like an Akuma Zanku Hadouken and can be blocked high or low.

I wonder if we can work that into some sort of vortex.

How often are you guys using his regular unmodified arrows?

Only when others are full screen zoning. Thinking about seeing how much his mobility is hindered, the recovery and start up of nocking the arrow, and more reliable ways of stopping full screen zoning (perhaps by jump shooting).

Does d. 1 really cancel into ice arrow? I’m having a really hard time doing it.

Also, does arrow have any good low combo starters other than f. 2 d. 1?

No. That’s his only low chain. Which is unfortunate, as if he had a few more low attacks his overhead chains would be that much more dangerous. I think all of his overhead chains are special/arrow cancellable.

Best ways to combo out of super?

Currently using Ice Arrow out of it and practicing loading it on knockdown, so far however, only 113 seems to give the correct timing to pull off the reset.

Are the combos in Honzo’s videos optimized? Are Stinger enders better than Hurricane Bow enders?

Really? What about f+2 d+1 3 or b+2 3? They should be comboable out of with a low freeze shot.

Couple of vids I made

Haven’t tested those yet. And really, my timing for these things is shit in this game, I only ever seem to get to cancel into :qcb:+trait out of j.3,111 half the time.

Well, B+2 3 I’ve tested today can only really be arrow comboed into in the corner, but F2 D1 3 is pretty solid.

And if it may help, although I played with SF notations for a while, I switched it back to MK notations and things have gotten much more streamlined for me (minus Cyborgs grapple.) Just have to get into the habit of not needing to hold down plus back to block low. If you’re doing the same it might be a good idea to switch.

Wasn’t sure if this was the correct place to leave this? But I hope this can help someone :smiley:


Pretty basic, 38% off super is pretty average, you can do j.3,111 is a much simpler combo that nets you 44% damage.

B+2 3 doesn’t work when setting up the super since they can back roll out of the supers range. With 113 (draw ice), you can dash in if your opponent prefers to back roll and still have enough time to set up the super. F1 D2 3 works since there’s just about enough time to dash in after back rollers, but does only 10% compared to 11% for 113.

I think b.2 on its own can cancel into arrow even midscreen for a quick overhead.