808 Honolulu/Town Casual Matchmaking

Trying to find casual people to play at my place in the Kaimuki Area. I don’t want any players who just want to come to “own noobs,” freeload, or act like a total douche bag.
If you’re a helpful nice guy, willing to give tips, have fun, play causual, not a salty player, good sportsmanship, etc, pm me

We play UMVC3, MVC2, 3S, SSBM (sometimes Brawl), rarely SXT, Halo3/Quake2/COD3 split screen Systemlink, MarioKart DD split screen Systemlink (gamecube vers).

My friends are actually decent players at all these games mainly strive in UMVC3 and MVC2. I’m okay in 3S but average in everything else. If you don’t play one or a few of these games at least be open to play them since. I’m pretty into a few Doujin fighters but none of my friends are into them. We play other fighters but very rarely so if you don’t like any of these games, then you’ll probably won’t play much of those other games.

If you start acting like a douche bag or do uncalled for things, I will kick you the f out of my place. Other than that, I’m a real cool guy and I have really cool friends, I want to keep it that way. I know how douche bag like people can be, that’s why I have to mention these things.

You just need to be cool and down to play games to have fun. Girls and Guys are all welcome.

Have you ever been to Hawaiian Brian’s before? Would you know how to contact some of the players that used to go there, because I just recently went there and the arcade is gone now.

Ask people on a different topic. I know and hang out with few of them but they stopped going long long ago. There’s a facebook called 808 FGC. I see some of them on there. They mainly go to Nocturna Lounge.

Dang homie…hawaiian brians is gone…this world makes me sad.

How’s my 808 crew!

This post is super old and I am NOT the “808 crew” since most of my friends don’t represent Hawaii for any tournaments or even go to any. None of the people who come to my gatherings don’t even go on srk or to any community events for over 10 years. You probably want to make a shout out on the “808 FGC” Facebook Group page.

As far as I know, people who still play fighting games in the Hawaii community go to:
Nocturna Lounge
PC Gamerz in Aiea
Caffe.gg (in the same store as “Da Planet”)
And a smash4 gathering in Pearl Ridge

But seriously I only host to about 16 friends who only come to my place with a few exceptions. So I nearly have no relation to the “808 crew.”

I do have one friend who plays some MAD MAHVEL. Da Real MAHVEL. He plays with A LOT of the old school mvc2 Hawaiian Brain’s players. If you haven’t met him, he’s always down for some MAHVEL. His name is “Jay” and his xbox gamer tag is LazyReaper808 I think. I can set you up with him. He may not be better than the best guy in Hawaii, but he’ll give you a hard time. That’s all I gotta say though.