800 lb. Tortoise Found in Brazil, the World's Largest


Zoologists are out looking for Splinter as we speak. :coffee:

Forgot to include picture:


Are the plants it eats edible by humans?

We need to get on that.

I thought this was a fake,

As a big fan of all things turtley I can say that’s the fakest looking shit ever. The red footed tortoise doesn’t even have horny projections from its shell and no turtle or tortoise has teeth. Whoever photoshopped this really was a fan of the '90s TMNT sequel with the Ooze. It’s really sad that someone wasted their time writing this drivel.


lobs a grenade and walks away from thread

Compare to the article’s image or google image “Gamera the brave” and see what image comes up :coffee:

We’ll end up killing it like always

-Blastoise fainted

This is real.

Clearly fake humanity would not stand a chance against such a monster.

seems legit.

Here he is, in all of his glory:

Sees turtle with huge canine teeth on bottom that protrude outside of mouth to make it look menacing
"This is such a legit picture!"

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lmfao…so i take it the jaeger program is under way?

I swear this was posted last week

Holy shit.

I posted this like a week ago, only then it was claimed this turtle was from the Fukishima reactor leak.

On that note, am I the only person who would kill for a pet Galapagos turtle? I could ride that shit like a pony. A really slow pony.

Master say have fun!

Even if you didn’t notice that this is a shot from Gamera, the fact alone that that’s a Japanese police car should tell you something is up.


and I just got done watching AVGN gamera movie reviews.

Obligatory “They found Marn!” post.

Got to do it to this soundtrack though