8 New vids -for the new year-

Let’s start 04 off with a bang. Enjoy the vids, and discuss.

:confused: Nobody has anythign to say?

Happy New year!

Happy new year! Haven’t watched them all.

but That K groove ratio 2 Rock must be the most scared rock I’ve ever seen :lol:

That is one thing they have to really work on. Obot and City fight as if they don’t want to hurt their opponents. They’ll get better, though.

Haha it’s true. Obot we keep saying the same things, just work on combos and combos into supers. The more subtle things like footsies and spacing come with practice, but for now just go into training mode and crank out the combos

That A groove guy… Blanka, Sagat, and some other person…

why is he using A groove? He uses the puniest Blanka CC ever, he never uses CCs with Sagat, and none with the other guy ever. But he can do the standard Sagat super combo. So why is he in A groove?

amen. he seems to have the mobility aspect with blanka down in terms of mixing up hops and crossup mk’s. but that blanka custom is just too ghetto.

he should definitely be playing C-groove.

The A groove dude can lp lp c.lk c.mk into low tiger super (something like that) but he can’t do an easier blanka CC?

hahah tkk’s a-grove is wack… he admits it. He was jsut messing round, i think he plays n and k serously

poor akuma rolling into haohmaru’s s.fierce :frowning:

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Where are these 8 vids?

Yes, where are these vids?

chck his sig and see the link…

8 vids

These are some pretty good non-tournament vids. Great quality resolution with some nice matches.

I have to commend TKKs N-groove Team Shoto. I often use this team in N-groove and Ive learned a few tricks after watching the December matches. The buffering is top notch in my opinion. And the rush down skills are damn good. I also have to comment on TKKs A-groove team. Okay, so the CCs arent the best I’ve seen, but the true skill level shines through nonetheless. Overall, he plays A-groove like C, but that’s okay. Im specifically referring to his Sagat. Its so refreshing to see a good Sagat player using more than one button (fierce, of course). THANK YOU!!! :smiley:
And to VDO, I was losing faith in my P-groove skills, but seeing yours has surely motivated me to move forward in my quest to progress. It shows that just about every character can be a threat. The player is responsible for his loss, not the characters.

Overall good stuff guys. Keep it up!!

obot64…i saw something sayin u suck n u wanna get better…i can help ya with some k-groove tips if thas wut ur using.

Your Rock - had some good moments but somewhat weak. i didn’t see you use s.rh for an anti air once…hell…its even a decent to sub-par poke. i didn’t really see one guard string out of your rock, im sure u know some but juss if ya don’t, c.lp, c.lp, c.mk, lp qcb is a pretty good and safe guard string if done deep. one thing that stood out a lot is that you small hop A LOT…just cut back a lil bit to use your c.rh more…its a wonderful thing. i am not tryin to critisize, you have some things working for ya. o yeah, you got thrown too much, THROW HIS ASS BACK, haha.

Ur Ryu - you didn’t really use his s.rh as an anti air at all…ken was jumping for free…it shouldn’t eva be like that. also, maybe this is juss a personal preference, but i don’t use the hurricane kick much…too much lag. once your ryu got raged, you did some good things! thas when you were dealing your damage, WHEN HE BACKED OFF CUZ YOU WERE RAGED. btw, ryu has an AMAZING tick throw game, thas where 30-40% of your damage should come from.

Ur Ken - your ken was throwin funny kicks like they were roll cancelled…thas not good. his anti airs are garbage all around, so no complaints there at all. you just got to knock him down or something, ken needs to get in a blocked cross up in k-groove, he needs to take half off that guard meter.

Overall - YOU WERE LETTING PEOPLE JUMP FOR FREE…i bet you woulda beasted him if he hadn’t jumped for free…once you can’t stop that jumping in for free…things get a lot tougher.

p.s. yes; i didn’t ignore the rushdown he was givin u, but jumpin for free makes rushdown 100% better.

edit: looked at the other matches…TKK got something against RC’ing?

:o thx for the advice 50, … TKK rc’s

i mean; i juss saw one match of you. you may have played poorly you know? one match doesn’t tell a whole lot.

the reason i was wonderin 'bout tkk is cuz when he was runnin a-groove vs. vdo i didn’t see one rc ball

Not everyone has choosen to incorporate RCs into their overall gameplay.