8 face button controller

Hey guys,

just bought/downloaded Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for the ps3

it seems like if you don’t know how to pull off a super or ultra combo when you want to,
you have a handicap

i think it was some iteration of street fighter that only asked you to press 2 punch or kick buttons to pull of a super

but in the arcades, you have to use all 3

I have a 6 face button controller right now,
the hori fighting commander 3 pro

is there a controller out there that has 8 face buttons,
and no shoulders

You seem to be confused about the difference between 3 and 4…:confused:…:wtf:…:woot:…:tup:

The only iteration of SF that required 2 button inputs to activate a super was the Alpha series. Most older games required only 1 button input for super. SF4 requires 3 punches or 3 kicks for ultras.

You have 6 buttons, 3 punches, 3 kicks. What’s the problem here? You have access to all the buttons you need to play SF. Having 8 buttons on the face would be extremely awkward, since they’d either have to be really TINY buttons, or you need a very large controller. As far as I know, they don’t make a controller like that, since no controller requires 8 buttons.

6 face buttons and 2 shoulders is all you need and more.

i don’t like shoulder buttons for fighters man

that’s why i got a 6 face button controller for the SNES/Super Famicom

who here who has a 6 face button controller, actually presses all 3 kicks or punches to execute a super or ultra

i think people who have controllers press the 1 button shortcut for all 3 punches or kicks (which is a shoulder button for most people)

personally i’d like an 8 face button controller, still the same amount of available buttons that can be used (on a dualshock 3, that’s square, x, triangle, circle, L1, L2, R1 and R2), but all in the same general area

hence 8 face buttons

unless capcom could make it an option haha, to make it so only 2 punches or kicks have to be used to perform a super or an ultra, which i’m sure most of you are thinking, yeah that’s not gonna happen, but they did it before so…why can’t they do it again


I also have this controller, it’s great, it’s just the D-Pad sinks into the controller, almost completely, there’s hardly any pivoting motion, i think because of that

the face buttons on this are a little smaller than what you would find on an SNES controller,
i think adding 2 extra buttons on the face wouldn’t be out of the question, take out the shoulders

and boom, you got what i want haha

Because 2 buttons do EXs in SF4.

Since Ultras are Doublemotions, it would still work with priorities. But yeah, it’s not necessary.

I’ll scratch the Super because that only needs one button
And I’ll assume you mean 8 face button controller? Or whatever.

And the answer is: Everyone.
Everyone with a stick presses 3 Punches rather than the PPP button (in fact, most people bind the PPP button to “no function”).
Everyone I know that uses a 6-Facebutton-Pad (including me when I still played on pad) presses 3 punches rather than the PPP button.

Why the fuck would you not do it?

Either you hold your Pad in normal Pad style, then shoulderbuttons are used and easily accessible
Or you hold it in Stick style (Right hand is a “claw” and doesn’t grip the pad), then pressing 3 buttons at the same time is np at all (main reason for using a 6 button pad in the first place… and I don’t think one can even hold the Hori FCP any other way)

actually there are stick users that keep the PPP and KKK buttons
because pressing the 3 punches like normally may accidently input plink which will give you ex instead of ultra
doing the ultra using the PPP/KKK button will avoid that

haha why are you so mad

yeah my bad on the super,

dude the thread title reads 8 face button controller
by 6 face button controller i mean, a game pad,
when someone says video game controller, they think game pad

i didn’t say anything about an arcade stick

if someone wants to hold a game pad, the way you would hold an arcade stick

why not just get an arcade stick in the first place,
i’m pretty sure the target audience are people who want to hold a game pad the traditional way

on a side note,
are you gonna be okay man ?

calm down

There is no target audience for people who hold a pad in pad way, still want 6 face buttons, and don’t want to press shoulder buttons, no.
I’ve never ever heard of anyone requesting this and there’s absolutely no reason to have it either.
If you hold a pad normally, you can press shoulders. If you don’t, you can press 3 buttons at the same time.

How are you holding your pad that you don’t want to use shoulders?
And have you thought about how the pad should be built to have 8 face buttons in a way that you can even press the PPP button with your thumb?

You hold a pad that way rather than buying a stick due to any or several of
a) Stick more expensive
b) You want to keep the DPad over a Joystick (see this…)
c) Ease of transportation
d) You are waiting for an offer (Sticks are often sold at like 50% off) but still want to play
Eg I got into SF in early Oct11 and wanted to play stick, but knew there’d be a Stickoffer for bargain price at the end of Nov, so I spent 2 months playing on a 6 button pad (and held it in clawstyle)

When I hear someone say game controller, I think game controller. Be that a gamepad, a stick, a steering wheel or a dancepad.

I’m perfectly okay and calm… no idea what you’re even on about, have you ever been to the internet?

so what’s this:


the first fighting commander by HORI,
no shoulders

there’s a sense of attitude in your writing, just pointing it out

Yeah and Hori noticed that sucked and thus made this


Shoulders and obviously advising clawhold

Did you really buy a 20 years old SNES pad and modded it for PS3 usage rather than going for the excellent, doubly revised version which works on current gen consoles from the get-go… ?

Every other 6 button pad I know (most notably this) has shoulders.

I’m german, it’s in my blood…

haha when did i say modded anything

i use the super famicom controller for the PC, via usb adapter, no modding

you’re “german” eh ?

refer to:

and you know…

newer doesn’t always mean better

look at windows 8

but yeah

8 face buttons is possible

it doesn’t need to be in a row,
you could have 2 at the bottom,
something like this:


but, these are replacing shoulder buttons, so maybe it would be better at the top

there’s so many 4 face button controllers, and 6 button controllers ,
it’d be nice if they made 8 face button controllers too

arcade sticks have an 8 button layout why not on a gamepad
(no shoulders, that is)

I would either learn to use the right shoulder buttons for doing ultras, or simply map 3K and 3P where fierce and roundhouse would normally be.

Below is your answer amigo. thats your best bet

I’m pretty sure those two buttons are something like select and turbo. You can search but believe me not everyone were born already knowing all this shit. When i went from 360 controller to fight pad for more than a monnth i fucked up my inputs most of the time. Now it’s second nature.

I can see the use of 8 face button layouts for disabled people who don’t have or can’t use their index/middle fingers.

yeah, let’s just accept the norm

if its a different direction, run away, it’s not “right”

shun any sort of growth or change, that’s baaad