8/30 UCLA Tourney results


  1. Soo (Sent/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sent/Commando, Magneto/Cable/Cyke, Storm/Sent/Cable)
  2. Sin (Sent/Cable/Commando)
  3. Potter (Storm/Sent/Commando, Sent/Cable/Commando, Sent/Cable/Doom)
  4. Combofiend(Magneto/IM/Sent, Sent/Cable/Commando)
  5. MAG (Mag/Storm/Sent)
  6. Power (Mag/Storm/Doom)

Soo and Potter fought in the winners finals. Sin beat Potter in the losers finals. Can’t remember any of the other results except that we couldn’t run Super Turbo since we didn’t have enough people.

good shit potts,soo,and everybody else. mag wasnt picked alot in this tourney…:frowning:

Good job Soo on winning it and to the high placers (Sin, potter, Combo-F, M.A.G & Power)

who did combofiend lose to?

Combofiend lost to Mr. Power in the winners quarters and lost to Sin in the losers semis.

Good shit to those who got top 5!


You nigga’s were really scrubbin it up with team scrub!!!

gg pizzle

my nigga soo

Welcome back, Peter :slight_smile:

Welcome back Peter :slight_smile:

rep that magneto/IM/sent :wink:


N-Joy! :smiley:

XX results?

it’s on apex
front page
1st. romel"that tall black guy that plays like the gods at ggxx" shaheed.
2nd. Saif “Kalkalash canceling master” (insert random jewish last name)
3rd. Sin
4th. Combo fiend


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn so Romel beat you out huh… what happened… good shit btw.

Romel plays like the gods themselves!!

from the womb to the tomb

       -ruiN to the....

I didn’t know that Optimus Prime was jewish